Global front to fight terrorism

Terrorism, separatism and extremism are the scourges which need an all out war to be fought against, as they pose a threat to the civilized world. Realizing this, China and Russia led security grouping Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) resolved on June 10 to fight this bane with a renewed vigour in next three years. In addition to this, a clarion call given for unified global counter terrorism front under the coordination of the United Nations. A conscientious voice of parity and similarity in response was seen emerging out of the summit in the Qingdao city of Eastern China which can be seen very optimistically and with positivity. China, Russia and India took the lead.
The hectic diplomatic efforts of Prime Minister Modi to make it possible at a global level to realize the dangers to the human society from terrorism which got sustenance and oxygen from religious extremism and separatism cannot be overlooked. India could very successfully sell the point globally as it has been reeling severely under the troika of terrorism, religious extremism and separatism posing grave threat, besides to normal dignified life of its citizens, to its sovereignty and territorial integrity. India, it may be reiterated, is one of the leading countries of the grouping of eight. A declaration was issued at the end of two day annual summit at Qingdao, China declaring all out war against the curse and the affliction of terrorism without mentioning by name any terror group.
Prime Minister Modi, not only addressed the summit spilling beans of terrorism citing instances and examples with special reference to Afghanistan but laid stress on more cooperation between the grouping members. He pleaded for President Ghani’s efforts to take courageous steps for peace to be appreciated. He also held bilateral talks with leaders of other SCO countries, especially the ones with Presidents of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mangolia on the sidelines of the summit to further strengthen India’s ties with these resource- rich countries.