Rohingyas to go back to Myanmar

The Central Government has decided that illegal settlement of Myanmar nationals in Jammu and Kashmir and other States of the country cannot be allowed anymore and acting tough on the issue, has decided to deport them. The exercise is to start shortly after it has collected all the relevant data from the concerned State Governments like their number, places where they are settled, date of their illegal migration and other relevant details.
It may be recalled that the much desired move of the Central Government will have a cathartic effect in respect of the simmering discontent and rancor against their settlement, for example, in and around Jammu.  There are nearly 30000 Rohingyas living in Jammu division.The haste, manner and the design in respect of their settlement in Jammu had ramifications like disturbing peace and security scenario as also the demographic equations have been causing much concern to the people.
Undercurrent of the pique from the people over these nationals from such a far off place coming from there straight to Jammu and the organized way of their settlement, was mounting day in day out especially the State of Jammu and Kashmir, otherwise reeling under Pakistan sponsored terrorism for nearly three decades. Various political parties including the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party, social and other organizations have been pitching high for deportation of these illegally settled people in Jammu division.
The move of the Government, even if slightly belated, is commendable and must culminate into deportation up to the last Rohingya national seen. It is ludicrous and uncalled for that some sections especially from the political class, have been sympathetic on their settlement in a country which has its own problems of over population and land, water, medical facilities, fuel and food grains being under strain. There have been reports that at many places, for petty political expediency and contrivance, ration tickets, identity cards, driving licences, voter-I cards, gas connections and even Aadhar cards have been issued to these Rohingyas just to obfuscate and impede the process of throwing them back. Such documents help them melt in the native sections and hence escape the net of being identified and sent back to their country. It is in this very context that the Ministry of Home Affairs has asked the States not to give any documents to these people who back home, have horrifying criminal records as also pursuing zealot hate mongering characteristics.
That the Central Government means business in the instant sensitive case, can be gauged by the time limit of just one month given to States to gather all type of information in respect of Rohingyas living within their jurisdiction and submit it to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. The Central Government is also understood to have prepared a roadmap for their deportation to Myanmar and preparation of a Data Bank was the first major step in this direction.
One more much required step taken by the Central Government is the State Governments have been asked to keep a vigil on their settlement and promptly inform the concerned ministry in case of any fresh arrivals from the neighbouring countries. These directives were part of the advisory drafted by the Central Government on settlement of Rohingyas in India. The States which share borders with Myanmar have been asked to strictly guard against any fresh infiltration of these people from Myanmar. Not only this, the security forces deployed on Indo- Myanmar border have also been asked to maintain strict surveillance over any bid of fresh infiltration.
Since Myanmar Government is having good diplomatic relations with India and it appears that using diplomatic channels with that country, deportation of these unwanted foreign nationals will be quite smooth and hassle free .