Fraudulent sale of SIM cards


To carry on ”effectively” with their clandestine activities and manoeuvrings, criminals, militants, Over Ground Workers (OGWs) , drug smugglers and the like need and use means of fast communications for establishing contacts, hence SIM cards are required by them which in ordinary course under established legal norms , they cannot acquire. However, there are some unscrupulous vendors who cater to the illegal and anti social requirements of getting SIM cards by these elements and many suspects being under the radar of the police authorities, recently in Kupwara Kashmir, the State Investigating Agency (SIA) having nabbed a SIM card vendor for mis-use and fraudulent sale ,exposes such a network in existence in the UT , particularly in the valley. The SIA having come across the modus operandi of how things conducive to such illegal sale to benefit and help militants and other anti national and anti social elements have been manipulated in order to sell these cards of different service providing companies to them. Forging documents, misrepresenting information, multipurpose using of single photograph , tampering with identities and other illegal methods having been employed by the apprehended vendor shows how dangerous such a support, help and providing logistics to militants and other criminals can be which cannot be taken lightly or overlooked in any manner .The vendor in question could be just a tip of an iceberg and since the police authorities are already “on the job” to find out more of such cheats, we expect more of such fraudulent elements booked under the law.