Farming activities along IB

Unbelievable as it may sound, but it is a fact that after a long period of 18 years , areas along the International Border (IB) in Hiranagar area of Jammu region witnessed farming activities again. The Civil Administration helped by the Border Security Forces started cultivating the land across the fencing on zero line on IB after so long a time in Kathua district . Out of identified land of 6000 kanals, to start with, nearly 1200 kanals across the fencing are proposed to be taken up for cultivation . Why should fertile land with promises to give encouraging yields remain idle and that also for two decades to the detriment of the interests of the farmers being a cause of concern, was mooted out and the Lieutenant Governor took keen interest in ensuring the vast chunks of land, now virtually turned barren due to being not put to use , to be re-cultivated. Whether in conflict, or in conditions of natural calamities , or again , in peace and whatsoever , our security forces including the BSF are found in the forefront rendering impressive services to the people. In the instant case too, the Force has assured full security and all required support to the farmers in cultivating their land across the fencing on the IB.
Official visits , especially to sensitive areas like the one under reference, result in interacting with the people , taking stock of various things around and to offer on the spot solutions and during his recent visit to the border areas, the Lieutenant Governor issuing directives to the district administration to ensure resumption of agricultural activities by the farmers is a welcome step , more so, looking to requisitioning the services of the Border Security Forces in this direction. Like this, basic facilities stand now provided to the farming community which can make the best use of the hitherto remaining idle land spread to the area of 6000 kanals. Once pointed and concerted directions received by the District Administration took place , it reportedly swung into action by organising meetings with the public representatives of the border belt in which BDC Chairpersons, Sarpanchs , Panchs of the area , officers of the BSF, Revenue and Agriculture departments too participated to play their respective roles.
When there is effective monitoring of the situation along the border areas and the administration with the help of the forces manning the borders was eager to let the area be bestowed upon all forms of normalcy by dealing with hostilities from across the border effectively and in a befitting manner , such a development taking place after nearly two decades becomes a sure possibility. Continuous to intermittent shelling from across the border had made the farming community disconsolate all these years and in terms of loss caused to them for not putting to use the land due to threat perception, could well be imagined. Once the proactive stand of the Government to deal with the border violations percolated down the ‘membranes’ of the enemy , not only the menace of constant unprovoked shelling and firing along the IB became quite few and far between but confidence in the people of the area also got a boost, hence the decision to proceed with the normal farming activities. Once on the ground, the farmers felt convinced of their security , they would make the land, by dint of their industrious nature, grow virtual gold.
We trust that as an added incentive to the farmers of the concerned areas along the IB, the Government must grant some type of cost compensation to start growing crops as they continued to suffer losses all these years while the successive Governments did not consider to compensate them in any way. Once this experiment cum initiative in Hiranagar proved its expected worth, the same approach could be extended to and adopted for other areas and districts having borders with Pakistan. Good, prompt and bold decisions taken and in a fast manner, necessarily produce tremendous results and when it is regarding fertile crops producing land putting to its use after a prolonged idling, it is all the more in the fitness of things.