Extended insurance cover for health workers

Looking to the hazards and risks associated with dealing with COVID pandemic across the country which presently is in its full fury, the Government of India has decided to extend the existing insurance cover of Rs. 50 lakh to the frontline health workers by another six months . Not only was the workers bringing under the cover of insurance that much important as it was settling the claims in a fast track mode. It is , therefore, apparently reassuring that 61 claims have been processed and payments made while 156 claims are under processing and a few more claims are yet to be submitted to the designated insurance company. Since the virus is apparently showing no signs of getting weak and thus ineffective and ,therefore, likely to remain as it is, the decision to extend the insurance cover by another six months has been taken which is a welcome step.
In addition to the core frontline workers, others like private hospital staff, retired, volunteer , local urban bodies , contract , daily wage and all others personnel associated with dealing directly and indirectly with the pandemic also were covered under the health insurance. This incentive was surely going to add into the morale of the COVID fighting warriors at health institutions , hospitals etc. This insurance cover was over and above any other insurance cover that a beneficiary was availing of , with no age limit, no individual enrolment and other formalities being added facilities provided.