Exquisite wild flowers

O P Sharma Vidyarthi

Wild flowers blooming in the wilderness are mother natures heart stealing gift.

What a lovely architecture of petals all elegantly smiling in colours,sometimes swaying in the gentle breeze , sometimes drenched in rain droplets and sometimes veiled in wandering mists.Petals so delicate , so charming , so colourful, so elegant that butterflies, honeybees, birds, beetles all assemble to find eternal solace in their company. Wild flowers decorate forests, woodlands, grassland, farmland, wetlands, streamsides, mountain cliffs, alpine meadows with uniform splendour and zeal.
Each season has its special blooms,special habitats,mind boggling floral arrangements and god assigned role in the intricate web of life .
Flowers, the most attractive manifestations in nature,symbolize an eternal poetry of reproduction ,nicely dressed ,mathematically patterned, artistically coloured, engaged to pollinators and performing assigned jobs to keep the energy of life going through ages.Without flowers, species cannot perpetuate, life cannot be sustained, all creatures get sustenance through flowers, human beings are no exception.Lucky are naturalists who find time to explore the hidden secrets of nature.
What a thrill they derive when they see flowers unseen before,watch pollinators enjoying nectar,tread meadows adorned with million and million of flowers,adore flowery landscapes and appreciate God s creativity.
Winter bids farewell,spring arrives many fragrances oozing out of several blooms, may be musk roses, daffodils, viburnums, buddlejas, jasmines. Rhododendrons get lovely hues,tulips decorate grasslands and woodlands,golden colour is shared by mustard and yellow flax all around.Trees, leafless or leafy, turn gaudy, silk cotton tree in red, coral tree in orange,bauhinia in little purple, holarrhena in pure white all in celebration mood to welcome season of flowers.Summer season has its special offers,Indian laburnums in golden yellow,flame of the forest in orange red,woodfordia in pink,drum stick trees in honey scented blooms.
Monsoon has its magic wherever it reaches,awakening dormant tubers, corms,rhizomes bulbs to getup and display exquisite patterns of blooms in rain drenched landscapes of mountains and meadows.Clouds,mists, drizzles,rainbows,breezes all join hands to take care of buds and blooms, bees and butterflies, streams and rivers, plains and mountains.
If irises,daffodils, tulips are gone with the spring monsoon has bewitching arrays of balsamdan delions, lotuses, ane mones,buttercups, louse worts, bellflowers, hypericums, catmintss aussureas, larks purs, geraniums, gentianas, aconites, mallows, fumitories, glory lilies, stonecrops etc all in abundance and everywhere if habitats are least disturbed. Morning glory, virgins bower, fragrant jasmine all over the bushes in different moods and styles to register their presence.
Mother nature s flowers nurtured through ages, perpetuated by pollinators, cared by clouds, drizzles, soils, sunshines, water, snow are indispensable for humankind but are we taking care of nature and its bounties for our better tomorrow,let us do introspection before we turn mother earth bereft oft these gifts.