Exports Promotion Board

That there were enough opportunities and even potential of formation of export hubs in Jammu and Kashmir has now been duly recognised and the need of giving a push to exports and keeping them promoted on a perpetual basis given a practical shape by formation of an Exports Promotion Board. The primary object of this Board that will function under the chairpersonship of the Lieutenant Governor, is to take all stake holders on board with intent to identify , select and explore international markets for the exportable items like our traditional arts, crafts, silk, carpets, handlooms, pashmina, papier mashie and wood carving works, sapphires and gems etc and select agricultural specialities like saffron, medicinal plants and shrubs and the like. The list can be exhaustive and covering many items. The Board comprising representation from various walks – both governmental, commerce, industries, Chamber of Commerce etc gives it a wide representative character where experiences , exposures and suggestions can be shared and exchanged to boost prospects of exports. However, if success on perpetual basis in the sensitive sector like exports is to be ensured , it is through the modes of identifying specific products and services while maintaining high standards of quality thereof and organising frequent trade delegations. It should be obligation on the members on the Board to meet frequently to keep reviewing and appraising growth in exports.