Employees of defunct JAKFED


Partly responsible for the downfall of the J & K Cooperative Supply and Marketing Federation Ltd (JAKFED) , most of the employees of this much promising symbol of Cooperative movement and increasingly by those who were in managerial hierarchy of it, why the entire process of winding up is still in a shambles , is the moot question. While it was decided to offer the VRS to the employees and most of them ”adjusted” in other departments there are still a number of 60 or more ”working” in it not knowing for what. We know that once an enterprise goes in liquidation, it is likely that the liabilities especially in respect of employees were expected to be met on priority from the sale proceeds of its assets . Neither VRS amount is disbursed to employees nor even in most of the cases, the monthly PF mandatorily to be deposited with the Government has reportedly been done. Therefore, oscillating between the proverbial the devil and the deep sea , the concerned employees are suffering . It is a humanitarian issue and needs to be dealt with as such.