Donate liberally for fighting COVID-19

Since the challenge of Coronavirus disease is colossal in its form and extent , affecting routine activities and ultimately the speed of cumulative economic momentum, it needs to be confronted with from all angles and through all ways. While the UT Government is doing whatever possible looking to its resources to fight it in various ways, it is bounden duty rather a binding obligation for each one of us to come forward and contribute whatever possible, towards the Jammu and Kashmir Relief Fund. The Government, in this connexion, has made an appeal too and given details and other particulars about how it could be done and where to remit the donations. The account numbers and the name of the Bank too have already been furnished.
‘Excelsior’ has already decided to contribute Rs. one lakh towards the Relief Fund. Further, members on the staff of the Excelsior and Excelsior Printers Pvt. Ltd have decided to contribute one day’s salary towards the requisite Fund. We shall publish the names of all those who contribute towards this Fund started by the UT Government.