Dogri stories for children

O P Sharma
Though Dogri literature is growing rapidly in all genres and spheres but now a bigger push has to be given for quality and interesting books in Dogri for children . It is significant that more and more Dogri authors are now coming up with literature for children. It is a well-known fact the first school of the children is home and the first teacher are family members including maternal and paternal parents.
Children’s Interest
Significantly the 112-page book entitled : ” Nani Sunao Kahani ” containing twenty (20) absorbing short stories authored by renowned Dogri writer and Newscaster, Chanchal Narinder Bhasin is a new addition to the Dogri literature for children. She is MA (Political Science) and a popular name in the sphere of broadcasting, has carved out a niche in the Dogri Literary circles. She is a member of the pioneer Dogri literary organization ‘Dogri Sanstha Jammu’. She took part in the translation workshop of Sahitya Academy New Delhi and the stories translated by her from other languages in Dogri have been published in a book brought out by Sahitya Academy. She has written this book in a simple language, containing meaningful moral values and inspiring themes dear to the young age-groups.
It is a fact of life that childrens literature had been an ancient tradition across the globe because they listen to interesting stories and poems. And now Dogri literature is also taking a turn to it.
Sweet language
Children often sit in the lap of their maternal and paternal grand mother (Nani aur Dadi) and insist for narration of some stories. There is no better source to imbibe ethical values in children other than narrating stories which introduces them to nature, environment, animals, birds and human. The basic foundation of a child is prepared to face the world with wisdom, discipline and determination. The best example is: Shivaji Maharaj who was told stories of courage and morals by his mother Jijabai ji.
Keeping in view, the curiosity and thirst for knowledge, Chanchal Bhasin has written this book in easy-to-understand language suitable to their mental growth and age-groups.
The topics mainly relate to trees, birds, water, puppet show and heads towards the subjects : ‘True Friend’, ‘Work is Worship’, ‘Lesson from Mistake’, ‘Value of Word’, ‘Money is not Everything’, ‘Small Tact’, ‘Dream of a King’, ‘Real Artist’ and the Great Lessons from Bhagwan Budha and Swami Vivekananda.
Tell-tale Stories
‘Nani Sunao Kahani’ was released on Oct. 24, 2018 at Dogri Bhavan, Jammu admist large number of eminent writers, intellectuals, academicians and prominent citizens. Veteran Dogri writer Ved Rahi made the event memorable by his participation and complimented the author for this book for the children.
President, Dogri Sanstha, Prof. Lalit Magotra, who presided over the function stressed the need to attract the children towards mother-tongue Dogri by providing them interesting and quality literature. He lauded the efforts of Chanchal Narinder Bhasin for these short stories for the children to bring them back in the ambit of mother language Dogri.
Prof. Veena Gupta, ex-HoD, P G Dogri Departmnet, Jammu University acclaimed the work done by the author to inculcate the moral values in new generation by way of her simple short stories. Prominent writer Joginderpal Saraf ‘Chhaterpal’ read the paper on the ‘Nani Sunao Kahani’ and the author. Prof. Shiv Dev Singh Manhas has written Preface and lauded the fine work done in this book.
Stories with Lessons
The book ” Nani Sunao Kahani ” in Dogri is printed on a quality paper with attractive title page is certainly a valuable contribution to the Dogri literature for children. While the author Chanchal Narinder Bhasin deserves appreciation , a good word also should go to the publisher of this book. It is noteworthy that the price of the book is Rs.300 but significantly it is Rs 25 only for the students. Chanchal Narinder Bhasin in an interview with me asserted that quality children literature is essential to attract the children towards their mother-tongue, Dogri language.
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