Copper, nickel rise on increased demand

NEW DELHI Dec 12:  Prices of copper and nickel rose by Rs 2 per kg at the non-ferrous metal market today due to increased demand from consuming industries.
Traders said pick up in demand from consuming industries and a reports of a firm trend overseas mainly led to rise in copper and nickel prices.
In the national capital, copper mixed scrap and nickel plate (4×4) were up by Rs 2 each  to Rs 351 and Rs 849-854 per kg respectively.
Following are today’s metal rates (in Rs per kg):
Zinc ingot Rs 98-104, Nickel plate (4×4) Rs 849-854, Gun metal scrap Rs 227, Bell metal scrap Rs 229, Copper mixed scrap Rs 351, Chadri deshi Rs 295.
Lead ingot Rs 80, lead imported Rs 86, aluminium ingots Rs 142, aluminium sheet cutting Rs 138, aluminium wire scrap Rs 138 and aluminium utensils scrap Rs 136. (PTI )