Civil society, Bar vow to continue agitation

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Apr 15: Civil society and Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association Jammu today vowed to continue agitation over the serious issues concerning Jammu province.
According to Gagan Basotra, Incharge Media Cell, J&K High Court Bar Association Jammu, a meeting of various associations of civil society and prominent leaders of various organizations was held in the High Court Complex.
In the meeting, all the leaders of the civil society held threadbare discussions and vowed to continue agitation under the  leadership of JKHCBAJ   President Senior Advocate B S Slathia.
The Bar and civil society are demanding deportation  of  illegal immigrants/ Rohingyas and Bangladeshis from Jammu region, withdrawal of minutes of meeting/ illegal directions  of Tribal Affairs Department and CBI  probe into Rassana murder case.
The speakers in unanimous voice appreciated the  selfless efforts of the members of JKHCBAJ who have always come forward and supported the genuine cause and demands of nationalist people of the region whenever and wherever the Government has failed  to redress the genuine grievances of the public.
The representatives of various organizations felt that the circumstances being created by the certain vested interests and supported by Kashmir centric politicians  under the camouflage is a threat to the social fabric, brotherhood and communal harmony of the Jammu region.
“The people of Jammu have felt betrayed as they have tested every political party but injustice and discrimination with the people of Jammu is increasing day by day so much so that now the people are fearing for their security and safety”, they said.
The President of Bar Association assured all the participants of the  civil society that their proposal shall be placed before the General House tomorrow for approval.
Those who attended the meeting included  Naryan Singh (Amar Kashatriya Rajput Sabha), Paviter Singh (President JPPF), Zorawar Singh (Chairman Team Jammu), Dr Ajay Charangu (Chairman Panun Kashmir) Advocate Vikram Pangotra (State President Rashtriya Sarvodaya Party), Yash Pal Gupta and Neeraj Anand of Traders Federation, Rajeev Mahajan (President Shri Ram Sena), Inderjeet Khajuria (Chairman Hotel and Lodges Association), M.L Sharma (JPPF), Dheeraj Mahajan (Ware-house Association), Deepak Gupta (General Secretary Warehouse), Harsh Kumar Gupta (President Jammu Nav Nirwan Society), Ajit Jamwal, Shailender Aima, Ashwani Sharma, Dr Agnishekar, Gourav Kapoor (State President National Youth Front J&K), Tarun Uppal (National Core Committee Member Anna Hazara Move-ment), Pushpimder Singh (President JJSF), Atul Soodan State Vice President JJSF, Pawan Chib (Rajput Sabha), Ajay Sharma (General Secretary IHRC), Sanjay Kumar (National Coordinator Panun Kashmir), Rajinder Singh (Sikh Progressive Front Jammu), Prem Nath (Stone Crushers President), Jatinder Kumar Sharma (President Bar Association Samba),  Vishal Tandon, Kunal Kohli and Munish Chopta (Yuva Khatri Sabha J&K leaders) and Sumeshwar Kohli (Dogra Khatri Sabha General Secretary).


  1. If brutal killing of Rajneesh Sharma in Police Station Ram Munshi Bagh Srinagar in 2013 could be transferred to CBI for investigation, why not RASSANA case?
    Secondly why NC AND CONGRESS remained silent and all local parties of Kashmir including HURIYAT did not raise hue and cry on killing of a HINDU BOY in Police Station in Srinagar by a MUSLIM POLICE MAN and why this killing did not become a national NEWS. Is it because RAJNEESH was a Hindu and killed by a Muslim Policeman? Division is clear.