BJP ex-legislators take serious exception to ‘partisan role’ of bureaucracy

Avtar Bhat
JAMMU, Aug 13: BJP has taken serious exception to “partisan role of bureaucracy” by sidelining the ex-legislators and political leaders while taking the important decisions in J&K which according to them has not only led to alienation of the masses but also resulted in delay of various developmental projects and welfare schemes initiated by the Narendra Modi Government.
According to party sources, the role of bureaucracy as well as the administration in the UT of J&K came to severe criticism in the Party meeting of ex-legislators at its Headquarters Trikuta Nagar here, this afternoon which was presided over by its UT president, Ravinder Raina. Almost all former legislators girded their loins on bureaucracy and fired salvos on them for their “anti-political leaders stance and approach in the UT”.
Sources said agitated and enraged party leaders alleged that the bureaucracy in the J&K is hell bent to tarnish the image of the party as they are not cooperating with them whenever any former Legislator or political leader approaches them with justified public issues. “This is just being done to mar the image of party and get it isolated from the people”, the sources added.
Some of the former legislators went to the extent of saying that this all is being done under a conspiracy by some bureaucrats in the Government and they urged the party to take a tough stance as the same is neither in the larger interests of BJP nor the public at large.
Sources said some of the ex-legislators burst in the meeting saying even they are being humiliated and harassed by the bureaucrats and were forced to vacate the residential accommodations while the politicians of other parties who were Ministers for two or three terms have not been asked to do the same despite the fact that some of them are holding these residential accommodations at two places. This reveals that the bureaucracy is working against the party in the UT, they said while taking serious note of the matter.
Sources said that some legislators while giving the example for the dismal performance of bureaucracy said that during the political Government when BJP was a part of coalition in the erstwhile State in case of damage to power transformers in any part the same was restored and installed within 24 hours while now it is not being restored for days together adding to woes of the people.
They said during the previous coalition Government there was a buffer stock of 300 to 400 transformers with the PDD and in the event of any transformer developing a snag it was replaced within 24 hours but the situation is quite different today. “Where this buffer stock has gone the legislators wanted to know”, sources added.
Sources said that there is no accountability in bureaucracy at present and the people are facing problems in getting Domicile certificates which has also resulted in public outcry and party as the watchdog of public interests can’t remain a silent spectator to such happenings.
Sources said accusing bureaucrats of trying to marginalize politicians in the UT, the ex-legislators alleged that the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Projects are being stalled for unknown reasons. They said that these projects were given revalidation once but they again got delayed due to COVID which is not their fault and Government should have sorted out the issue at its level. Sources said party while supporting that political activities should take place in J&K said that there is a feeling among the people that the gap between them and administration is getting widened day by day due to the negative attitude of bureaucrats.
Sources said one of the former Ministers and ex legislator alleged that district administration is trying to defame him and the party stressed on immediate administrative reshuffle alleging that some two top officers in Civil Secretariat were behind all this mess.
Regarding the formation of Advisory Council sources said, that most of the legislators did not favour it saying that such a step may prove counter productive. However, the party said that final decision in this regard lies with, the Central Government.
Later talking to Excelsior, party president, Ravinder Raina also expressed his dismay over disbanding of Self Help Groups (SHG) in the UT by which about 15,000 Self Employed Engineers will be rendered jobless. Terming the decision “anti-people”, which will further add to unemployment, Raina said that he will take up the issue with Lt Governor Manoj Sinha tomorrow and seek the revocation of the decision at the earliest.
He said one does not understand under what compulsions the Government took such a decision which is not in the interests of the youth of the J&K. Even party general secretary (Org) Ashok Kaul also showed his displeasure over the decision.
The meeting was attended by almost all ex-legislators including MP, Jugal Kishore Sharma. Prominent party ex-legislators who were present included former Deputy CMs, Dr Nirmal Singh and Kavinder Gupta, former president and MLC Ashok Khajuria, former Ministers Sat Sharma,Rajiv Jasrotia, Sunil Sharma, Dr D K Manyal, C P Ganga and others.