BJP has demeaned Jammu: NPP

Excelsior Correspondent
RAMNAGAR, Apr 30: Former minister and NPP chairman, Harsh Dev Singh said that acquiescence in the negative campaign launched against the people of Jammu region in the aftermath of Rassana agitation, BJP had not only betrayed the collective sentiment of its electorates but had virtually demeaned and diminished the people of the region.
Addressing public meeting in Basantgarh today, Singh said that the people of Jammu had made countless sacrifices for upholding their secular values and pluralistic ethos. Jammu as the city of temples has been the abode of Gods and universally acknowledged for amicable co-existence of religious and cultural traditions. The present BJP-PDP rule, however, subjected the Jammu people to the most traumatic phases of shocks in the recent past when they demanded justice for the Rassana victim in the name of CBI probe dubbing them communal and fascist race, lamented Harsh.
Not even a single voice from Jammu had emanated in favour of offenders with entire Jammu in one voice seeking exemplary deterrent punishment to those found guilty of heinous offence but only through the CBI probe which, he said, was willfully being misrepresented and mis-construed.
Lambasting the BJP for belying the aspirations of people of Jammu particularly of district Kathua who gave it massive mandate, Singh regretted that its leaders were openly promoting the Kashmir centric and separatist agenda trying to extract the last pound of flesh from Jammu’s muscle in exactly the shylock style.
While a cauldron of unrest was discernible in the entire political constituency of BJP, its leaders were blissfully celebrating their three year rule with discussions on inclusion and exclusion of new ministers and allocation of new portfolios. He said that with BJP having lost the confidence of even its core constituency, these protests and agitations of people symbolized their anger and revulsion against these rulers and their desperation for a fair deal and justice with equity of which they stood deprived.
Complimenting the people of the area for maintaining the age old traditions of communal harmony and brotherhood, Singh said that Dudu- Basantgarh provided one of the most glaring examples of communal brotherhood with Hindus and Muslims refusing to fall prey to the evil machinations of divisive politics. He demanded early setting up of Degree College at Basantgarh and electrification of the uncovered houses and hamlets of Sia Merri, Chakaal, Chhattrairi and Balota villages.