Best Ways To Style Your Looks With Long Mangalsutras

Wearing a mangalsutra is an experience that brings pride and joy to many women. In many customs, a mangalsutra holds a place of cultural piousness and brings key emotional significance to married women. For tnecklace sethis reason, weddings in India are incomplete without a ladies mangalsutra.

Given its significant place in an Indian wedding setting, it may come as a surprise that many women find it difficult to style their mangalsutra with their dresses, especially western outfits. Part of the problem about wearing a mangalsutra is that their traditional design often fails to match seamlessly with contemporary outfits.

If you are facing a similar problem after marriage, then it is time for you to check out these styling tips that will help you pair your long-length mangalsutra with just about any outfit. Get ready to enjoy the pride of wearing your mangalsutra with every new outfit that you are about to get.

Interesting Ways To Style Ynecklace setour Mangalsutra With Every Outfit

Pick A Mangalsutra With A Solitaire

A mangalsutra is a prime necklace set for every married woman, and as a sacred symbol, it symbolises the union between two partners. With changing times, even the designs of mangalsutras have changed significantly. A good way to style your mangalsutra with every outfit is to get something with solitaires in it. A solitaire mangalsutra looks really chic and stylish with a wide array of outfits and makes you appear fashionable.

Necklaces First, Mangalsutra Next

Suppose you are wearing a long mangalsutra that is traditional and chunky in appearance. In that case, a smart way to style it with your outfits is to wear the mangalsutra underneath any other necklace from your necklace set that you may be wearing. After this, you can adjust the length of both the jewellery pieces to don a stylish appearance. This way, your fabrics will appear complete and coordinated with your jewellery, but your ensemble with look upgraded with a modern touch.

Try Mixing Your Jewelry

A good way to style your long mangalsutra is to mix and match it with non-traditional jewellery. While you can always style your mangalsutra with traditional Indian accessories, you will totally bring the limelight by adding some statement chokers. The versatile nature of a mangalsutra makes it perfect to go with Indian outfits as well as western dresses, which you can accentuate with the addition of chic jewellery.

Layer Your Mangalsutra

Your mangalsutra can be as versatile as you want it to be. When wearing any outfit, you can get a fancy or casual look simply by adding or taking away a few items of jewellery. You can layer your dresses with chains and pendant sets to raise the style quotient of your outfit in a jiffy. So, even if you are wearing a plain t-shirt with jeans, your mangalsutra will look sparkling with it. Take this as a moment to express your creative side and get experimental with your looks by trying something new.

Let The Mangalsutra Do The Talking

A good way to ace your look with a long mangalsutra is to let it take centre stage. That’s right. All you need is a neutral palette of makeup and styling to perfect your look. On its own, even your long-length ladies mangalsutra can look quite trendy and make a statement worthy of making heads turn your way. Use some hanging earrings and rings to complete the look, and you will find yourself ready to flaunt a beautiful look.

Stylise Your Accompanying Jewellery

A smart way to make a long mangalsutra work in favour of your looks is to pay attention to the choice of accompanying jewellery pieces. When wearing western outfits, you can ditch heavy and chunky earrings for lighter ones so that your overall look does not look overwhelming. On the other hand, when wearing a traditional Indian outfit, you can always go for a coordinated look that helps you achieve a complete look. Doing this will give you a chance to flaunt the most stylish side of you without being bogged down by the traditional looks of your mangalsutra.

Add Options To Your Collection

After your marriage, you can always opt to add one or more mangalsutras to your collection of jewellery. This will give you an edge to style your looks as per your outfit and create coordinated looks. When wearing western outfits, you can wear a mangalsutra with a diamond on it. Whereas, when you wear a traditional outfit, you can opt for a ladies mangalsutra with gold embellishments which will look striking with your get-up.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to style your look with a long-length mangalsutra, you can go ahead and wear the outfits of your choice without feeling quizzed about your choice.