Article 370 revoked

Indian Parliament abrogated Article 370 by a majority vote that stripped Jammu and Kashmir of its special status. This historical decision taken by the Govt has been by and large welcomed by the people. If people deeply examine what Article 370 has given the people of the State so far stands unmasked before us. Who can say no to the fact that corruption in the State has crossed all limits and a small number of politicians have amassed huge wealth while exploiting the innocent people of the State in the name of Article 370. The article paved the way towards terrorism and redicalisation of the State that led to exodus of minorities from the Valley. Divisive and separatist forces succeeded at large in their nefarious designs in the State. Although huge funding from the Centre Govt. but, we see the fate of the poor in the State remained as it is. The State of Jammu and Kashmir lagged behind in the development sector and the welfare schemes of the Central Govt. could not benefit people of the State in a way these were meant for. Minority Commission was not applicable to the State because of Article 370 and in this way minorities of the State suffered largely.
Now by scrapping of article 370 the Jammu and Kashmir will return to peace, prosperity and progress. This state now stands reorganised and has been placed among the Union territories shall now avail all the benefits that are availed by the other Union territories of the country.
S N Raina