Ankur warns Kashmir leaders to keep their hands off Jammu

Ankur Sharma addressing a press conference at Jammu on Thursday.
Ankur Sharma addressing a press conference at Jammu on Thursday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Feb 14: IkkJutt Jammu has warned the leaders of Kashmir to keep their hands off Jammu and not poison the province with their communal and subversive politics.
“Jammu will not allow any administrative arrangement or communal initiative in the garb of developmental initiative which balkanize Jammu province. Jammu cannot continue to be a colony of Kashmir and it will not allow their imperialist designs to succeed in Jammu,” said Ankur Sharma, Chairman of IkkJutt Jammu, while addressing a press conference, here today.
“Our rivers belong to us; our forests belong to us; our mountains belong to us and we will ensure no further intrusion in any form including making of new administrative units in Jammu. Our objective is clear that we will soon accomplish the task of making our rivers, forests and mountains free of encroachers and invaders,” he added.
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Terming Jammu as India’s Kurukshetra and alleging that Jihadi war has been unleashed on India by making Jammu as its prime target, he announced that IkkJutt Jammu would expose the Jihadi elements within mainstream political parties. “Everybody is aware about the role of open Jihadi advocates like Hafiz Sayeed, Ali Shah Geelani or Omar Farooq; it’s time that the Nation recognizes the main Jihadi leaders who operate within the parties like National Conference, PDP, and the left. These leaders are more dangerous because they act as subverters of Indian democracy,” he said.
Alleging that the utterances of Ex-Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti opposing Indian Government decision to divert extra water to neighbouring States bring it out very clearly that she represents the front line flank of Pakistan in Kashmir, Ankur Sharma said it was time to tell her clearly that if she was inconvenient living in India she should shift to Pakistan and Government of India should facilitate her and her ilk to cross over to other side.
“Infact the entire political establishment in Kashmir is behaving as instruments of Pakistan. The utterances of National Conference leaders in recent times are a clear testimony to the fact that NC is in competition with PDP to get favours from Pakistan and Islamic establishment,” he said.
The IkkJutt Jammu leader said that what happened within and outside GGM Science College was a clear indicator that Jihad was out in the streets of Jammu but people of this region were also fully equipped to defeat these elements in case Government dithers to take decisive action.