Action against anti-nationals

India is a democratic country and everybody is free to express his ideas and that is the main reason we find every religion has flourished here for which we stand glorified across the Globe. We believe in co-existence which is reflected in the growth of our minorities. In our neighbouring countries we find that the minority population has decreased largely. They are not tolerant and cannot digest the Indian philosophy of co-existence. To destablize India and its rich culture/ they designed and groomed terrorism. It is pitiful that our neighbour infilterated terrorists in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir. Heavy destruction has taken place and minorities of the valley were hounded out. This by and by spread and nationalists became targets and were killed. The forces of anti-nationalism stood encouraged and its network expanded. That is what we see today. Number of Govt employees have been terminated so far and a good number of employees are in the queue. It is a matter of concern that till date no action has taken place against the such employees who work against the country.
The exercise initiated by the LG against the anti-national elements is a commendable one and in the Nations interest. Nation is first.
S N Raina