Aries : Joining a yoga class will be a good decision. You should try ayurvedic foodstuffs too. You may expect a lot of new things to happen today. Ganesha advises you not to worry as there is a good amount of money coming up for you.

Taurus : Your thoughts are not likely to remain focused in your business or profession. Ganesha sees them drifting from such issues and moving towards your home and family members. You will be keenly aware of the fact that you have been neglecting your family interests and affairs on account of your professional involvement. That being very likely, use this day to reconnect your family members and reassert your love and commitment towards them.

Gemini : You will be unable to cope with the flurry of demands made upon your time and person by those around you. You will try to break free of the rut and look for some new things to do in the evening. Some creative and constructive work will provide you with much needed respite from the demands of the day, says Ganesha.

Cancer : Your natural talents will be rewarded at work, predicts Ganesha. Later in the day, your peers will fully co-operate to help you achieve your goals. Your popularity will grow by leaps and bounds. But you should not let success get to your head.

Leo : With your penchant for being almost surgical in your tasks, it seems there isn’t a single blunder that escapes your trained eye. This fact comes to the fore today and helps you step into the limelight, especially at work, where your efforts get noticed and appreciated. Wisdom always was the prerogative of the observant mind, and so was a bit of indulgence. Ganesha has this feeling that you are filled with the desire to splurge on electronic gadgets today. So, have you checked out the new release from Apple?

Virgo : The day will bring in innovation and ingenuity on your part today. Expect a probable visit to a museum or a historical place, says Ganesha. Being frisky will help shape that body up a bit. Entertainment will work as a wonderful remedy to cure the wounds of an estranged relationship, says Ganesha.

Libra : Money matters may cause you some concern, at least till the latter half of the day, foresees Ganesha. After that, those financial troubles will make way for lucrative opportunities. Expect to make money from all quarters later in the afternoon. You shall be your own boss when it comes to making career decisions. Evening promises to be a good one, as you spend some fabulous time with your darling.

Scorpio : Athletes will achieve prime fitness and form today, says Ganesha. Engineers will design plans that will concentrate their resources on laying the foundation to new business ventures. Your social reputation will get a major boost later in the day.

Sagittarius : Today will be a day when you are inclined not only to being upbeat but also firm, says Ganesha. In your line of work, you may get passionate about your views. But compromise is on the cards and that too without any harm to your dignity. Your better half will keep you occupied, says Ganesha.

Capricorn : Dreading the consequences of errors induced in the past, you will be extra cautious while working on important assignments and will try to save your skin, says Ganesha. This apart, you will spend a major part of the day worrying over career prospects and mulling a change of job. But you will feel more relaxed in the evening and may spend a nice time at home with family and some close friends.

Aquarius : You will plan your day well. Good, says Ganesha, as it does away with the clutter in your schedule. That way, you will also get more time to do stuff you never came around doing it. So, bring out your old Cliff Richard records, and wipe clean your dusty LP player. You may finally get to revive old times!

Pisces : A good day for investments and speculations, especially in the real estate markets. Your gains will outweigh the risks associated with your transactions. However, maintain some monetary reserves to invest in other opportunities, as even better times are round the corner. You will come across as a happy soul in the face of such good fortune, says Ganesha.