Rationalization of Higher Education Institutions

This has a reference to a committee constituted by J&K Govt in the month of August last year to look into issue of Rationalization of Degree Colleges and recommend criteria for opening of future Higher Education Institutions. The report of the Committee is still awaited. In this connection, I would like to say that the Govt should re-constitute the Committee by including two members one each from Jammu and Kashmir Universities.
Moreover two members from Degree Colleges should also be added in this committee to get real term expert advice as per present and future need of faculty and infrastructure of a Degree College in the light of implementation of New Education Policy-2020. Without expert advise, this committee will remain purposeless on the ground. The Committee should also seek guidance note with detailed parameters for the opening of a Degree College from University Grants Commission due to the fact that the UGC, Universities and Degree Colleges faculty members constitute core group of experts for successful implementation of NEP-20 in the field.
If the Govt is serious to bring improvement in the system then the idea of rationalization should be dropped at once and the Govt should work on strengthening of already sanctioned Degree Colleges. If the ground reports are correct then one can say that old High Schools have better staff and infrastructure facilities than newly sanctioned Degree Colleges.
Pertinent to mention that during Governor Rule all the Degree Colleges have been sanctioned in a transparent manner without any favour or politics. Regarding less enrolment in some of the Degree Colleges, it has been noted that non-availability of important subjects has remained major reason for students to opt for admission in city colleges with full subjects.The hilly topography and lack of transportation have been the parameters to open Degree Colleges at unserved remote places with less population. Moreover Covid-19 has severely harmed that education system. So it is requested that the structure of the Committee be expanded to seek expert view for strengthening and opening of Degree Colleges, but the idea of Rationalization should be dropped at once so that already working good college may not suffer.
Rajinder Chand Anthal
Chenani Distt Udhampur