Accepting Delimitation Report despite protests by all parties unfortunate: PCC

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, May 22: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) has taken strong exception to the move of the BJP led Centre Government to accept the controversial Delimitation Report despite protests by almost all non-BJP political parties în Jammu and Kashmir and other socio-political organisations.
Terming the move as unfortunate and against the basic spirit of democracy, JKPCC chief spokesperson Ravinder Sharma said that BJP Government wants to show that it is least bothered about the views of opposition and non-BJP organisations, some of even those who are otherwise BJP allies or followers but opposed the Delimitation Report  în present form.
He said that all non-BJP political parties and Independent social organisations have expressed strong reservations and objections over the Delimitation report and held protests against it. But least bothered about this and views expressed against the report, the centre hurriedly accepted the report, probably to convey the message that it is least bothered over any objections by one and all.
It is reflection of the authoritarian attitude of the BJP government. The government should have taken note of the large scale objections and resentment expressed by the cross section of society în different areas for different reasons and facts, mainly on the ground of the unreasonable dissections and divisions contrary to the geographically and topographical situation, connectivity, continuity, population etc. Hundreds of representations seeking minor amendments on the ground of public convenience only, too were not considered and rejected out-rightly by the Commission.
He said the Centre’s move to out-rightly ignore  the widespread resentment and reservations  expressed by the people especially by all shades of non-political opinions, shows the BJP Government is not bothered about non- BJP opinions and views on any subject, which is anti- democratic mindset of ruling party, Sharma said adding that opposition shall reach out to every nook and corner and explain the attitude and approach of BJP government.