AAP verdict

Arvind Kejriwal- The Aam Aadmi Party mentor has proved his mettle beyond any iota of scepticism and doubt and left no reason for any intellectual political stalwart looking at askance at his splendid victory in Delhi polls. Hats off to him ! His effervescence and nimbleness, conviction and belief, determination and indomitable courage, his commitment and resolve of steel has virtually made it so happen. Delhi has occupied the centre stage and hads re-written history by attaining a thumping majority- 67 out of 70 not only in the Indian subcontinent but also world over. Prior to elections he might have had a thorough appraisal of Chanakya and Karl Marx. He has responded quickly to the clarion call and risen to the occasion to deliver the goods. He had vowed to make Delhi a corruption free, computer saavy and model city, secure for frail sex with negligible crime rate. Main weapon for achieving these aforementioned objectives might be Jan Lokpal or Lokayukta.
With power comes a responsibility that one can’t shun or shy away from. The question remains to be seen as to how he accomplishes his task ? Will he be successful in achieving this all or succumb to the heavy duty responsibility? For this he has no chance to look back for public has forgiven his quitting the chief ministership just 49 days after and now there seems to be no chance for pardon. Public has high expectations from him; Now the time of deliverance is approaching faster and faster.
He said that he will never be drunk with pride on seeking power which he expected of his colleagues as well-which remains to be seen. Being a down to earth gentleman he definitely will abstain from such a sin for he knows that AAP is yet in its infancy- it will take definitely a fair amount of time and hardwork to let this sapling grow into a full fledged tree if at all he succeeds in holding the elements of this bandwagon with cohesion. For this he needs the support of his fellow colleagues and party workers. He has emerged from the unfathomable depths of oblivion and despair. Now, he will apply all his strength and might to keep this ball of reputation rolling on and on without any scar in the Indian polity. Then and only then it may be possible for him and his party to carve out a niche in the otherwise fragile political system of Indian nation.
Ultimately, the leader is really he, who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.
Yours etc…
A K Tickoo
Govt Hr Sec School, Chowki Choura