A weird game

Politics is a weird game; yesterday’s enemies are today’s allies. Nobody thought the Congress and Shiv Sena will come on the same platform. One can give some margin to NCP; the Congress-NCP have been in alliance for so long. The BJP and Shiv Sena follow the same ideology and have been allies for about three decades. One can say their commitment is only to one ideology, that is grabbing power.
Formidable Shiv Sena-BJP alliance had got the majority in the recent elections and they had mandate to rule Maharashtra, but the alliance broke down not on any ideological issue, but Sena’s insistence that it should have the chief minister’s post. This defies logic; why should Sena have CM when the seats secured by BJP are many more in numbers? In the last assembly too, the BJP had its CM.
Harihar Swarup