It’s a wonderful script: Karen Gillan on ‘Guardians 3’

LONDON, Dec 1: “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Karen Gillan says she is happy to have James Gunn back as the director of the third installment in the superhero franchise.

In March, Disney reinstated Gunn as the director of the “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3” almost a year after he was fired by the Marvel Studios’ parent company when his old, offensive tweets resurfaced on social media.

“We’re all really excited that James is back to complete the trilogy because it wouldn’t have felt right without him,” Gillan told Yahoo Movies UK.

The Scottish actor, who plays Nebula in Marvel Cinematic Universe, revealed that Gunn has penned a “wonderful” script for the third part.

“I can say that I’ve read it and it’s amazing. It’s a wonderful, wonderful script,” she added.

The star said Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord and Dave Bautista’s Drax will also return for the upcoming film. (PTI)