9 Salwars to Complement Your Pretty Kurtis

Kalyani Channawar

Everyone who loves Indian wear should have different types of salwars to complement the different Kurtis, kurtas and other kameez styles they have. Plus, since Indian pieces are always more than one piece to get a complete ensemble, every piece must stand out on its own for an overall elegant look. Although a pretty kameez choice can look beautiful on its own a salwar always completes the look. The number of salwar’s that are available in the Indian fashion market is proof of the diversity of Indian outfits. Especially the salwar kameez. Here are some types of salwar that help complement your pretty Kurtis collection for various occasions.
Palazzo Salwars
A wardrobe with several different Indian wear and modern outfits should not lack a palazzo salwar. Palazzo salwar is the best for anyone who loves to mix and match different looks. Also, it is a perfect combination of formal wear when paired with office wear Kurtis. The palazzos fit all body shapes giving a flattering appearance. They are narrow from the waistline and go widening at the cuffs making them a loose fit and comfortable as well. Blend your palazzos with modern tops, short kurtas, and long Kurtis as well.
Dhoti salwar
But, let’s admit the fact that dhoti salwar’s are beautiful and unique. These pants are so popular and are loved by designers and locals as well. Today many designs have incorporated the dhoti look. For instance, the dhoti saree, dhoti gown, dhoti dress among many others. Also, although they were originally worn by men and in other places are still adorned by them. The women love this salwar and have enough pieces in their closets to match various Kurtis. Choose salwar dhotis during the warm months for they have less friction and are best for freedom of movement.
If you are looking for a salwar that will show off your legs and is sleek. Invest in churidar in different designs and colors. This looks best with Kurtis, either long ones or shorter Kurtis for a more retro look. These pants were almost replaced by leggings but they still trend especially as part of traditional salwar. It is best if it’s in soft material and bold prints for that beautiful and bold look, especially for the summer.
Cigarette pants
The cigarette pants are unique salwar’s in different colors, prints, and textures. The work on them gives the whole look with a Kurti a visual treat. These straight narrow pants that are well tailored are always a good fit for whoever that adorns them. They are also common with all body frames. Since they flatter those who are bottom-heavy and those with leaner shapes as well. Other than matching them with Kurtis these pants can be paired with sarees, Anarkali and other modern tops too.
Who does not love how versatile leggings are and how they match virtually with anything. They are great with most kameez styles, dresses, and Kurtis too. The legging is in many colors, designs and with few pairs, you can get different ensembles with just one Kurti. Thus, it is safe to classify leggings as a type of salwar as well. Black leggings are a pair that every woman has more than enough pieces. They help a lot especially when you cannot decide what salwar’s to wear and they fit easily. Another advantage of having leggings as part of your salwar collection is that they are ideal for all body sizes and frames. Also, no matter what phase in life you are in you can count on them. For instance, when you are pregnant they are easy to go to pieces.
Who does not love the magic of diversity that comes with jeans? Although other Indian salwar’s hold the same diversity. Jeans are the most popular together with jeggings. Hence having several pieces of jeans in different colors and styles in your wardrobe is important. Therefore, whatever style of Kurti it always matches with jeans. Hence, it makes sense to say that this salwar is part of Indian outfits. Also, a common look among most ladies is a long Kurti with front slit and ripped jeans. That is paired with traditional jewelry and shoes.
When you search for parallels in your mothers or aunt’s wardrobe. You cannot lack a pair or two for they are old type of salwar’s that are still worn today. You can rock parallels effortlessly either new ones or a piece that your mom wore. These pants look a lot like palazzos but you can easily tell the difference. As parallels have a straight cut the palazzos have an A-line cut. Invest in these pants to adorn them when you want a shift from your palazzos and pair with Kurtis and a pair of heels for that formal look.
Patiala salwar
Are you looking for casual and traditional salwar? Choose Patiala salwar that is trendy for their casual look and popular with most women. These pants are originally from Patiala in Punjab. Plus, they were favorite salwar’s that Punjabi women wore to special occasions. Nowadays, they are common salwar’s all over India and are loved due to their comfort and elegance. These pants have pleats from the top to the cuffs at the bottom and look beautiful paired with a Kurti.
Aladdin and harem Salwar’s
Is there a difference between these two pants? Most people confuse the two and can easily purchase one for another. All in all, it is easy by checking how tight the cuffs are and how the loose fabric looks between the waistline to the knees. Nonetheless, they both look stunning no matter which one you choose to buy. Additionally, these pants are perfect for those who love belly dancing especially the harem salwar. Match them with short kurtas or crop tops and enjoy wearing them in contrasting colors and prints. To allow the salwar and kameez shine differently.