Research, innovation and poverty

Research and innovation are an unending series of activities at various levels to take on the scourge of poverty. This was imperative to uplift the levels of poverty and hunger affected humanity, wherever it existed making a mockery of the system, mainly economic, political and social areas. Economists are always on the most difficult and challenging job   as to how poverty could be fought and subdued. Various economic theories and developmental models, now- a days , dwell around the social and health related issues of the poor.
Besides in Economic field, in medical field too incessant activities of finding the “new” are relentlessly going on everywhere in the world. The need of the hour is to rid the vast sections of the population living in the under developed countries  , from  hunger, squalor, disease, mal nutrition and illiteracy. A sort of research culture is needed to be encouraged and supported to give a fillip to research, innovation, sharing of information, data compilation and monitoring with emphasis on fighting poverty.
Activities related to the research and innovative spheres in the field of education, medicine, agriculture, social upliftment and the like needed to be vigorously taken up in backward and hitherto neglected areas with institutional support like from universities and the governmental agencies. In fact, development should start from there instead of culminating at that end. Corruption in political and administrative levels too needed to be eradicated by employing newer methods, again by resorting to fighting the status quo approach. Corruption, it may be underlined, is one of the main reasons accentuating poverty and underdevelopment.
President , Ram Nath Kovind has expressed ideas on similar lines, recently  in a function at Rashtarpati Bhavan while addressing a one day meeting of Vice Chancellors of  Central Universities . He laid stress on research and innovation terming the same as the bedrock of advancing knowledge as that alone “holds the key to finding solutions to the problems of the society.”