Rising suicides

A man who kills himself commits an act of cowardice. Today, we come to learn that suicidal tendency is on the increase among the young ones. Almost everyday, we read in the news papers about such suicides. How foolish it is to kill onself? Our body is a precious   gift of God and to destroy it for petty matters is a matter of concern. It is the coward and also the weak minded who are afraid to face challenges and hardships in life and take recourse to such  acts. A man of high spirits who is ready to face challenges with courage and boldness never thinks of committing suicide but always tries to find solutions to solve them. Our life is not so cheap that we can play with it. The body has come into existence not out of an accident but out of the law of Karma.If our sufferings are the result of our past actions, we have full freedom to change them  by performing good deeds. It has been observed that most of the people feel frustrated when their desires are not satisfied  commit suicide. If you are depressed because you could not  achieve worldly success take it in a positive way and  try to perform  good deeds which can give you peace and happiness.  Blessed are those who learn lessons from sufferings instead of running away from the problems by commiting suicides.
Yours etc…
S N Raina


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