“Your past does not define you”

Kuldip Khajuria
It is very easy to point out the defects of individual/ institution all being more or less imperfect, but he is the real benefactor of humanity who help the individual to overcome his imperfections- under whatever circumstances he lived or institution he may be.
Should we throw away the individual/ institution for their having very miserable, full of difficulties, hardships, struggle failure, mistakes and poverty? I think not at all, because every day you are in a new state of mind.
Bad people sometimes do good things, and good people do really bad things or something the society/ people disagree with. It does not mean that their past will define their present.
What happened to you , where you come from , what your story is , where you grew up, what kind of parents you had, How you are raised and what you did in your past, you are not college dropout, the trouble maker son, the poor girl, the foreigner, the bully, the victim or the abused child. You are not the person that you used to be and you are not the person that the world labeled you a certain way. I think, all these expenses made you stronger, wiser and more resilient. Failure does not define you. It is what you do after you fail that determines whether you are a leader or waste of perfectly good air. We are not the person who we used to be in 20s, 30s, 40s 50s…. Now suppose we are 65 but we will probably be a different person when we will be 70. Tough times donot define, but refine a person. It is our courage but not constraints which defines us .
If the past would be defining future, Narender Modi would have been a tea seller, Sachin Tendulkar a simple high schlooer, Amitab Bacchan, the guy who was rejected by All India Radio, Dr. A P J Kalam who was not selected in Indian Force, Sunny Leone would still be prostitute and so on. So the past never defines what you are and the author is in the opinion, that it is your present that matters. Let us work on it.
Sometimes person too needs difficulties in life, because they are necessary to enjoy success. eg. Modi ji started the journey as a tea vendor now Prime Minister of india, Dr. Kalam used to distribute newspaper after his school timing, rejected in Air Force, was the world’s space man. Khiladi of Bollywood Akshay Kumar started his journey from waiter to, now Indian film star. Nawab Mansur Ali Pataudi served the role of caption Indian circket team inspite of his single eye. Dhirubai Ambani Indian Business tycoon during school days used to sell Bhujia, more over in Yemen he served the role of gas station attendant. All these personalities later on pursued their goals in the face of difficulties and converted their adversaries in to opportunities. There are many more personalities in the country/world, those who with their stumbling blocks of the past had made stepping stones out of that. There are many more dignitaries those deserve A BIOPIC because there are many important stories to tell.
No doubt, that past can be defined as someone’s history that can often be considered to be shameful/failure. This is interesting because a lot of people tend to be judged or shamed for their past. This ridicule often comes regardless of it was just one mistake that they made. Making mistakes and failure is a part of human being. We are not born knowing how to walk. We all make mistakes, but our mistakes are not our identity. We can re-define our identity, to design our future for ourselves. Hence, whatever mistakes your parents and even great- grand parents have made, it does not have to define you. They might have been on the destructive path, but in God’s book , there is side note to your name that says. “But the son/ daughter of …. are still alive to…….” Take heart, your parents do not have to define you. Likewise , you might also be a different person in your past, but if you have improved your self and started your journey on the right path, then your past has got no significance. The vice-versa is also true.
You are not your circumstances:
Composer of Ramyana, there also exist some legends about Valmiki having been a thief before turning in to a RISHI Brahmin who get one of the Sapatarishi namely Pulva, who gave him Mantra to meditate upon and the Brahmin turned thief got so engrossed in its recitation that ant- hills came up around his body. “Since he achieved great Sidhi seated within Valmikee, he became well known in the world as VALMIKI”.
My friends in the legal fraternity might be aware that Late Hon’ble Justice V R Krishna Iyer judge of supreme court had coined a new legal term , ie “Operation Valmiki”, based on the mythological life history of Rishi Valmiki who is believed to have authorized the epic RAMYANA. Justice wrote “Nobody is born criminal. Every saint has a past, just like every criminal has a future. Valmiki once a notorious thief got transformed as saint through recitation”.
To an extent:
Take it from me. eg. I have done some stupid in my youth, I have made some bad decisions in my life regarding my welloff life, more than I’d like to admit if any one does not deserve a second chance to be a better person, It’d be me. So, do not let people fool you though your last bad decision as it does not have to define you. If you want a better future for yourself, you can have it. You do not have to continue living a life that you are unhappy with. It may not be easy, but it is possible. That is the amazing thing about life. Who you were is not, but who you have to be.
The person you are today does not have to be the person you always will be. Life is filled with second chances, new opportunities, ability to create change who never tied down to who you are. People will tell you that because you did that bad things, or hurt that person. People will tell you that who you were is who you always will be. But the history does not have to repeat itself. Just because you made a bad decisions does not mean you can not make good one. Human beings have the ability to define who they are. My past define me , dettered me or defeated me, but it has strengthened me.
If you just google the word “Past” the very first definition says “Gone by the time or no longer existing”.
Move away from the people who can not bear to see your transformation, those who make you and try to pull you down, moreover from the people who are always there to hurt you, using your past as their weapon.
Lastly, the author is in the opinion that , No matter how dark your past is , if you are trying to make out of that space you can cultivate a better life for yourself. Please do not allow it to have a hold over you. So, be like a lotus flower, have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world. Let not past define you, but shape you and give yourself or the other person benefit of the doubt because only you know that you want to live again and as our past is not our life sentence.