Yemen accuses UAE of attacking energy company on Socotra islands: Governor

MOSCOW, Sept 12: Governor of the Yemeni province of Socotra Ramzi Mahrus accused the United Arab Emirates of having links to an attack on an energy company on the archipelago.
On Tuesday, Yemeni Minister of Transport Saleh Algabwani accused the United Arab Emirates of conducting flights from Yemen’s Riyan International Airport and using the port of Riyan without any coordination with the national government. He accused the UAE of supporting the Southern Transitional Council rebels, who used to be allies of the government forces led by President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi but recently clashed with them to retake the port of Aden. The authorities of southeastern Yemen’s Shabwah province also accused the UAE of turning a liquefied natural gas production site in Balhaf into a military base and demanded the withdrawal of Emirati troops.
“On Wednesday, September 11, UAE representative Khalfan al Mazrouei, who is heading the Khalifa foundation, along with a number of members of the Southern Transitional Council staged an attack on the energy company in the province of Socotra, seized electric generators and transformers as well as took them away from the site,” Mahrus wrote on his Facebook page on late Wednesday.
He pointed out that such UAE actions were unacceptable and the regional authorities would boost security measures to protect public facilities.
The UAE is a part of the Saudi-led coalition that was asked to assist Yemen in its fight against the Shia Houthi rebels. However, currently, Abu Dhabi is accused by Yemen of supporting the southern Yemeni rebels. The UAE denies the allegations.
In spring 2018, the UAE deployed troops on the Socotra Islands, sparking an outrage of the Yemeni authorities. The UAE troops left the archipelago following the diplomatic tensions. (AGENCIES)