Women’s College students not allowed inside campus to complete formalities

Students wait outside the Women’s College in Srinagar. -Excelsior/Shakeel
Students wait outside the Women’s College in Srinagar. -Excelsior/Shakeel

Excelsior Correspondent

SRINAGAR, June 13: Students of Government College for Women Srinagar today protested against the college authorities for not allowing them inside the campus after issuing notices asking the students to submit the examination form.
Scores of students had assembled outside the main entrance of the college along MA Road, requesting the authorities to let them in so that they could complete the formalities.
“We have been asked to report to the college to complete the formalities for the examination which is going to be conducted online; we don’t get it, for online exams amid COVID, we have to first visit the College, submit forms offline,” a student outside the College said.
They said that the College administration has made arrangements for the students to visit and carry out the formalities. “If they were not interested in letting us in, what was the need of issuing the notices and asking us to visit the college,” the students asked.
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They said the even for the online examinations, we have to first give them an application. “Amid such times, they are making the process even more difficult for us,” they said.
It is pertinent to mention that the college had issued a notice asking the students not to visit the college, rather, submit the application on the concerned WhatsApp number of teachers or heads, but the students said that their contacts have been blocked by the concerned.
“We have been dragged out from the premises for no fault of ours; they are now telling us to Whatsapp the application to the Principal, but the Principal block all such contacts instantly,” they alleged.
The students demanded that their issues must be resolved without any delay and that if the online examinations are going to be conducted, then the entire process has to be online.
“We were told about mass promotion; then the exams, we are ready to give the exam, but do it as it has to be done, in a proper way. We don’t want to look like fools violating the social distancing norms, but the college administration is responsible for that. We are asking the higher-ups to look into the matter,” the students said.