Will take all issues on priority: Narinder

Cattle grazing, insanitation major issues

Ajay Raina

JAMMU: Cattle grazing and insanitary conditions are the main issues, which the residents of Ward Number 70 are facing.
Apart from these issues, the residents particularly morning and evening walkers raised the issue of parks in their vicinity, which according to them, are in deplorable condition and required immediate attention.
The Ward comprised Sainik Colony Sector D, Sector E and Sector F areas.
The residents said that people residing in Chowadhi and surrounding areas of this ward leave their cattle to graze in this ward, which is the major issue and needed immediate attention of the elected Corporator.
“Hundreds of cattle can be seen in our wards, which not only create problems for the people but for the commuters also. Accidents take place in this ward on regularly due to movement of the cattle”, Sonu Sharma, a resident of this ward said.
“We face numerous issues during morning and evening walks in the parks. The parks should be developed for the benefit of masses especially children”, a group of morning walkers said.
“The insanitary condition in our ward required immediate attention as it is the issue to be addressed on priority due to fear of breaking out of health related problems”, another resident said, adding that more manpower is required to tackle this insanitary issue.
Construction of roads is also an issue, which the residents of this ward faced. “Immediate construction of roads is required in our ward and we hope that this issue will be resolved in the shortest possible time”, Ritu Gupta, a resident said.
When all these issues were taken up with the newly elected Corporator of Ward Number 70 Narinder Singh, he asserted that people have given him mandate and it is his duty to redress all the issues in his Ward whether it is cattle grazing issue, development of parks, insanitary condition or any other issue.
Regarding the development of the parks, Singh, a BJP leader, said that in his ward, there are 22 parks and around 18 parks needs to be developed.
“I will get the parks renovated through Floriculture Department in the shortest possible time with all facilities including tracks for morning and evening walkers, washrooms, etc.
On the subject of insanitary conditions, he said that a check will be kept on the working of Safai Karamchari and every tool will be provided to them to keep the Ward neat and clean.
The Corporator admitted that construction of roads is required in his ward. The issue will be taken up with the Public Works Department and construction work of roads will start in a very short time.
For the overall development of the Ward, the funds, which will be released in favour of Corporator will be utilised, Singh informed.
“My family is associated with BJP party and I am presently Vice President of Gandhi Nagar Mandal”, Singh said, adding that people have elected me and I will work to redress their issues on priority basis.