Whither political parties unity

Gathering of some political parties in Telangana shows there is no unity in parties to face the challenge of Modi which is the requirement of the country to have a strong opposition.But it is not the duty of ruling party to create strong opposition. In the previous parliament elections also there were slogans of opposition unity but at the last moment the unity among themselves fizzled out due to lack of coordination themselves and with the result there was no leader of opposition in Lok Sabha for two terms.
The coming together of some political parties at Khammam (Telangana) augurs well for the cause of ushering in alternative politics aimed at bringing a qualitative change across all spheres, a change that leads to improvement in governance and living standards of people and harnessing the full potential of the country’s resources. The initiative is bound to gain momentum ahead of the 2024 general elections. The parties gathered in Telangana were speaking more loudly where the substance was less and was full of self praise and far away from the reality. Building an anti-BJP alternative at the national level is a historic necessity now. It involves formulating an alternative economic and political agenda to put the country on a high growth trajectory.
Yash Pal Ralhan