Stop reckless driving

Rash mean reckless or without sense. Road accidents are increasing due to reckless driving by adults as well as youngsters and minors which causes accidents and results in injuries and loss of life.
Traffic rules prohibit driving by under aged children, overspeeding on the wrong lane, parking in no parking zones, bikers without helmet, car drivers without driving license or without seat belts, driving under influence of intoxicants, etc. The penalties to the defaulters are clearly defined. It can be a fine or imprisonment or both. Overspeeding and ignoring traffic lights and driving under the influence of alcohol must be viewed seriously. There are several hit and run cases everyday. Reckless drivers hit other vehicles or pedestrians, the people walking on foot and the drivers flee from the scene with the victims bleeding, screaming in pain and calling for help. At this age, most of the teenagers are ex- posed to the thrills of speed which sometimes results in lethal accidents. Owning or driving either a two or a four wheeler is one of the most triumphant moments in a teenagers life and often one of the most dangerous too. Most Indian roads are not exactly vehicle friendly. These days, more people die of accidents on the roads than of any diseases. Those driving above the speed limits must be given exemplary punishments for neglecting rules and regulations of public roads.
They are a menace and highly dangerous to public safety and teenagers below 18 should not be allowed to drive. Our traffic personnel must do their best to book them under relevant laws. Parents too must understand their responsibilities for their children. They must not put their young children in danger by allowing them to drive.
Our traffic control personnel must be increased. Population and vehicle users are growing rapidly but the number of traffic police has more or less remained the same. Hence the need to recruit more traffic police.
It is also necessary to introduce road safety lessons in the text books of schools and colleges. Students must be taught the necessity of safe driving and learn to honour the sanctity of human life. Further, no driving license should be issued to minors. No license should be given to anyone until they have passed from driving schools with satisfactory performance.
Varun Sharma