Which Cooler Would Suit Your Needs? Quick Guide to Purchase

It would be right to state that the need of time is the air conditioner. But hang on; if you don’t have a good budget and you cannot simply afford it then you can simply opt for cooler.  These coolers are not too expensive and can easily fit in your feeble budget.

How these coolers work?

Air coolers are the units that are in the shape of box. Theseconsist of a fan, water-soaked pads and also that of a pump. To use your cooler, you would have to fill it with suitable amounts of water. Onceyou switch it on, the hot air from environs is circulated in the cooler and sent via the water-cooled pads. It is something that lessens the temperature of the air by quite a couple of degrees before such a cool air gets blown out into the space or your room.Your room instantly gets cooler and fresh.


What types of coolers are there?

There are chiefly kinds of coolers, a desert cooler and that of a room cooler. Though these both work in the same manner, evaporation of water that assists cool the surroundings, there are a couple of features that set these apart. The desert cooler is generally fitted outside a window and inhales in the air from outside. The fan in such type of unit gets used as an exhaust. It generally provides better cooling. But,you have to remember that it also demands more space, water and that of power.

Talking about the room cooler on the other hand, it is less powerful than that of desert cooler. This cooler is placed inside the room and is kept on a trolley that can get moved around. The fan in such type of cooler gets used to force the air out.

The point is in case you are really looking for a cooling unit to assist combat serious heat, andthen the desert cooler can turn out to be ideal for you. However if the room is tiny and the temperature is not extremely scorching, a room cooler is going to suffice. Based on how these function, there are three types of coolers- direct evaporative coolers, indirect evaporative coolers and also that of two-stage evaporative coolers.  Speaking of direct evaporative ones, these are the most extensively used coolers. These lower the temperature of your air by the use of latent heat of evaporation and that changes water to vapour. Talking about indirect evaporative one, it operates by using some type of a heat exchanger. The cooled moist air does not really emerge in contact with the outside environment. Two stage coolers as the name says it all, go through two stages once cooling. First, the air gets precooled by a heat exchanger and that precooled air furthermore goes through the water soaked pads. It is the particular type of cooler that helps lessen humidity.

Consider the size of the cooler

Air coolers are available in different sizes to suffice the requirements of your room. These coolers are rated by air delivery or the cubic feet every minute of air (CFM) that these can blow out in the room. Once simple formula that can help you to calculate your needs could be like, you just have to multiply the area of your room or the space in square feet with the ceiling height and once you are done with that, just divide that number by two.  It is something that would give you the CFM of the airflow required. It would be great if you make it a point to read the air delivery details that is attached with the air cooler before you purchase one.

Extensive features

These coolers have variety of features for the users. But here you can have a look at some of the popular features:

Electronic Thermostats

Coolers having electronic thermostats can change the fan speed and even switch off and on the pump and fan in an automatic manner.

Cooling pads

The cooling pads that get used in most of the air coolers these days are the honeycomb ones. It is because they are designed to cater maximum cooling, low-pressure drop and even that of longevity.  It is important to check for pad chunkiness too. In an ideal sense, it should be minimum ninety mm thick so as to cool the air well.

Water level controller

Air cooler having the automatic water level controllers can upkeep water in the unit at pre-set degrees. The automatic controller permits or prevents the water from the link to flow into the cooler tank. Such a thing averts flooding of excess water.

Adjustable speed

Coolers with adjustable speed allow you regulate the speed as per your convenience or liking. It is something that helps you control the temperature if it gets a little too cool. In this way you can make sure that the temperature is as per your requirement and comfort.

Water level indicator

The water cooler indicator given on the water tank is there to help you find out how much water is in the tank. It is something that saves you the effort of opening and closing your cooler to look out for the water.What is the point if you end up filling the water in the cooler that is overflowing? Once you keep the level indicator in mind you would not end up overflowing the water in the cooler. Sucha thing would not just saves a lot of water but also ensure that water is not dripping out of the cooler.

Automatic shutoff dampers

These are the shutoff dampeners that are flaps. These open up once the fan starts and shuts once the fan is put off. Once you have this feature, it would cover the cooler once it’s not in use. In this way it reduces the loss of cooling from your cooler.

So, all the different types of coolers available out there are good and useful. If you have never explored the options you need to do that now. Pick the best one as per your requirement!