When Dogri and English fuse

Excelsior Correspondent

“Dosti” is a humble attempt by Dr. Manvi Gupta to try and seam together Dogri & English into a contemporary fabric, hopeful that it resonates, especially with the youth of J&K and the rest of the country too. She hopes that this song in a small way can be instrumental in reigniting interest in our beautiful language such that Dogri can be easily reimagined and associated with modern music and arts. I hope as children of this soil, we can realise and tap into the universal appseal, this amazing language embodies in itself. As she has tried to weave the beautiful dogri poetry by Kunwar Viyogi with her own english lyrics and added rap and dubstep elements.
Manvi Gupta is a medical doctor by profession and a musician by passion. Born, brought up and educated in Jammu, she is currently based in Delhi but insists on being addressed as a forever “small-town girl”. Alongside completing her M.D in Physiology, she has thoroughly enjoyed her journey exploring theatre and music together.
A singer-songwriter-composer, she has been a soloist with the oldest choir in Delhi – The Capital City Minstrels (CCM) for the last 10 years with whom she has performed internationally as well. She has acted and performed in several musicals. She recently wrote-composed and sang for the soundtrack of the digitally released movie – “Mere paas baap hai”. She’s currently a member of the team Theatre for a cause (TFAC) which puts up musicals to raise funds for charities. With a new found interest in reviving the very beautiful yet sadly underrated Dogri – Paharhi folk music, she hopes she can be instrumental in some way for its greater outreach across the world.