Swami Kashi Bub : A spiritual Guru

Bushan Lal Dhar
Kashmir is known as land of Rishis and saints who preached Dharma and inspired people to attain spiritual wisdom. Swami Kashi Bub Ji Maharaj was also one among these saints having attained spiritual wisdom and taught devotees the true meaning of life, how to achieve peace and self realization. Swami Ji was born on auspicious day of Janamashtami in 1920 AD at Panzmulla Anantnag. He was brought up by his father Late sh. Ram chand Taploo, whose occupation was farming. Swami Ji left his home at the age of eleven without consulting his family and joined sadhus nearby , who had come for Swami Amarnath Ji yatra on shravan puranmashi. For about 25 years swami ji lived at various places like Vindravan, Kashi and Mathura and retuned back for a darshan of Swami Amarnath Ji along with other Sadhus on Sharavan poornamashi. He was recognized by his elder brother late Kanth Kak Taploo at Pahalgam and persuaded him to return back to his home, which Swami ji refused in view of lessons from his Guru, but Swami ji never disclosed the name of his Guru.
At first Swami ji appeared in Village Hugam, Tehsil Anantnag in a different form, had long hair, wore chandan and saffron Tika on his forehead with a flute in his hand. He was anointed with many sweet smelling heavenly fragrances. He started preaching the development of devotional Bhakti traditions. Swami ji taught that there are many paths to reach the goal of self Realization but devotion is the shortest and best path. Therefore he taught the spiritual path of wisdom and devotion to the devotees. Swami Ji lived out of Kashmir for a long time due to which he could not pronounce kashmiri language properly but he remained spending his time in listening and singing kashmiri/hindi devotional Bhajans. Swami ji was a true karm yogi. He embodied both the human and divine aspects and was free from all attachments and lived a selfless life. About karma he taught that it is a gift which brings you lessons for souls personal growth, just as gravity is a law of the physical world so is Karma a law of the spiritual world and more broadly names it “The Universal principal of cause and effect”.
He was usually remaining in long meditations for hours together. He was a fully realized soul during his life time. Swami ji was taking one time simple meal that too by cooking on his own, which he later gave up and started living on milk and water only. Swami ji worked for establishment of Dharma, which he was carrying out by performing selfless services, hawans and yajnas in almost all the villages in Anantnag, Pulwama, Kulgam and Shopian districts. Swami ji being the devotee of Lord Krishna walked the soil to do away with the philosophies of world shunning spirituality and world grasping materialism. The followers saw him an incarnation as he taught spiritual path of wisdom and devotion. The devotees were always blessed by his kindness, as he always explained that one should be free from attachments while still maintaining loving relations and upholding family responsibilities. His devotees particularly at Village Hugam will always pay obeisance to Swami ji for his kind blessings. Swami ji used to perform Hawan at village Hugam every year till 1989 on the auspicious day of Janam Ashtami which is Birthday of Swami Ji too. After migrating to Jammu in 1990 he stayed at Subash nager and carried forward his traditional bhakti with religious fervor and spirit. Swami ji Maharaj attained nirvana on 14th November 1992 at 4.45 AM, his mortal body was cremated at Jammu Akhnoor road near BSF bridge, where a samadhi has been constructed. A nirvana divas is performed every year at Subash Nager Jammu.
Hugam baradari under banner Shivala Mandir Dharam Sabha Hugam, Anantnag at present in Jammu is performing Hawan every year on the birth anniversary of Swami Ji falling on the eve of Janamashtami with great spirit and love right from 2009. The same Hawan programme is also being performed at Pune every year with the same spirit. Dharam Sabha Hugam has registered a public trust in the name of Swami Kashi Bub Ji Maharaj situated at Rajinder Nagar Bantalab, Jammu. Since Swami Ji was ambitious to serve mankind selflessly and without any attachment or expectations, so the activities of the Trust shall be used for the public utility services especially for needy, orphans and poor. Swami Ji was always reciting “Govind Bolo Gopala Bolo – Radha Raman Hari Mukund Bolo”.