What’s New In IVF ?

Dr Riccha Sharma &  Dr. Samit Shekhar
IVF is a stressful treatment itself with lots of physical, psychological and financial issues affecting couple and families on whole.Implantation failure is the primary cause when things don’t click  in best clinical situations with best embryos and womb.So where are we ????  Is there any hope,in this grey zone which still beyond science.
YES- we are not far from invading this univaded aspect at least.
So through this update would like to add to knowledge of our respected readers
New IVF Treatment Discovery Will Certainly Enhance IVF Success Rates
A new IVF treatment advancement made by scientists, have managed to find the chemical signal which anticipates whether an embryo will or will not be accepted by the womb. The chemical emitted by promising embryos called Trypsin has actually been shown to be responsible for preparing the womb for implantation, which will help to reveal to IVF experts that the womb will certainly reject an embryo should this chemical not be present.
With scientists discovering the chemical signal that can anticipate if an embryo will certainly be accepted by the womb or not, they recommend that the discovery will significantly improve on current success rates of IVF treatment, where less than 30 per cent of IVF cycles effectively lead to the birth of a healthy baby. About one 3rd of the high quality embryos are currently being implanted, and that there actually was a lot of room for improvement. Scientists have actually finally broken through a really considerable obstacle to assist enhance IVF treatment success rates, as these brand-new findings will certainly go a long way in explaining why some women suffer miscarriages, and why other women fail to become pregnant.
(The authors are IVF Consultant New Delhi, Director KIC Hyderabad)