Well defined message to Pak, China

Why should the changes as part of our internal affair in Jammu and Kashmir be any cause of feeling ill at ease by both China and Pakistan especially after redrawing the map of the State now fragmented into two Union Territories, is the moot question. India has, on umpteen occasions, at the international platforms also reiterated her due claim on the occupied territory as a result of aggression by Pakistan in 1947. The highest and the most powerful institution of Indian democracy, the Parliament too has passed a unanimous resolution to this effect and repeatedly urged Pakistan to handover the occupied territory.
Just not symbolically but as a strong political message to Pakistan and the ‘sundry’ could be seen in keeping reserved, 24 seats in Legislative Assembly for the areas of Jammu and Kashmir illegally occupied by Pakistan and this reservation was as a result of the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir enacted in the year 1956 or 63 years back . These 24 seats falling in PoK will continue to remain vacant until the occupied area is annexed back in the same manner as it existed in August 1947. Having said so, it has to be carefully understood that a country having illegally usurped our territory going to the extent of fiddling with it in a most unwarranted manner and sans any grain of propriety by ‘gifting ‘ a substantial area to China cannot be taken lightly and indefinitely . That action, ab-initio illegal cannot be considered anything else than tampering with and altering the existing situation to the detriment of India’s position. To send our clear and well defined message to all especially to Pakistan and China, redrawing rather legitimately and correctly making the maps of two Union Territories , that of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, has been done by the Government of India.
It sets at naught any objections which the duo, China and Pakistan, had vain fully raised in having withdrawn the temporary Special Status granted to Jammu and Kashmir followed by bifurcating the State into two Union Territories by the Government legally and constitutionally. However, such demurring from our two belligerent neighbours notwithstanding, India has not only made its claim express in a very proper way but has also resolutely reiterated its stand it has been taking right from the day the areas of India’s northern -most state (now two UTs) were occupied by Pakistan, by drawing the two revised maps. Accordingly, Muzaffarabad , Poonch and Mirpur which are under illegal occupation of Pakistan, have been ‘included ‘ in and shown as part of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir . Likewise, Gilgit, GilgitWazarat, Chilhas and Tribal Territory of 1947 , a part of which had been leased out by Pakistan to China , as part of Union Territory of Ladakh. Like this the total districts as in 1947 which were 14 including Muzaffarabad , Gilgit , Mirpuretc and as on date total number of districts stand as 28, the breakup of which is 10 each in Jammu and Kashmir , 2 in UT of Ladakh while 6 districts were in PoK. With inclusion of 6 districts in the maps of the two UTs, it is fervently hoped that the message goes clear and loud to both China and Pakistan.
Needless to add, the ‘thumb rule’ is to make a formal and proper claim which otherwise is genuine , based on historical and geographical grounds and the ‘consideration’ being illegally usurped by acts of aggression , invasion and subterfuge, which could be proceeded further by regaining it . Yes, a resurgent and vibrant but peaceful democratic India has made its resolve clear about the PoK areas to be taken back from the aggressor , a right which cannot be denied anymore.