Good governance and efficient administration

In fact, what else would people expect from the new changes in Jammu and Kashmir in respect of administration and governance except delivery, performance , redressing public grievances and end of corruption in public life including a tirade against adulteration and sale of spurious and duplicate items of daily use indulged in by some unscrupulous people. Now, since Jammu and Kashmir is a Union Territory and considerable say of the Central Government is expected in respect of monitoring and follow up in matters that affect the citizens in their day to day living , any type of alibis for non performance would neutralise the levels of consolidation and gains envisioned under the Reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir for the ultimate and immediate good of the citizens.
The intentions and the resolve of the administration under the Lieutenant Governor Girish Chandra Murmu were made known by the Lt. Governor himself while chairing an official meeting recently in Baramulla Kashmir. Let it be now seen how citizens’ charter and grievances redressing structure are shapedand made effectively workable by him . It is not enough that funds were sanctioned for development projects unless a proper follow up and frequent assessment were made the culture of working .
Lt. Governor has many challenges to encounter in seeing that instructions and directives issued by him and top bureaucracy reached the levels of grass root implementation . He has to streamline , if not overhaul in absolute term , the delivering machinery where accountability and responsibility , on pin point basis, were duly fixed . Agreed, shifting from the existing procedural system to the new dynamic one , certain minor humps would create delays or even confusion which by and by would get streamlined and resolved. Target oriented performance coupled with regard for time limit should form corner stones of an ideal administration which all are quite hopeful of.