Wear masks, don’t invite ”new” COVID


How ludicrous but suicidal is it not to wear a mask by every one in three in the country as and when one steps out of one’s home. “Variant of concern” – the Omicron virus – as the experts and medical scientists term it , having already reached our door steps must cause each one of us great concern over casual approach towards mask wearing safety measures. It is not only on account of a recent survey conducted on a few thousand cases that most of the people were found stepping out of homes not only not wearing a mask and even not carrying one with them but even on a cursory look around roads, markets , congested residential lanes, people walking without wearing a mask is the unfortunate spectacle. It may, however, be noted that it is firmly believed that wearing cloth masks or mufflers provide very limited protection as against a N-95 fitted masks. In that case, again, it is believed that only after exposure of 600 hours or 25 long days , chances of transmission of the virus are there .It is, therefore, in everyone’s interest to wear a mask of a good make preferably meeting the standards of a N-95 mask to keep the dreaded virus away , more so , when the new variant is supposed to be lethal more than the previous ones. The Government must impose heavy penalties on violators of mask safety norms to prevent the spread than later undergo numerous pressures and challenges when the virus spreads like wild fire.