Water – An Utmost Need To Live Upon

Swami Ram Swarup Ji

A person can linger on his life for some days without food but not without water. So, let us pay our attention towards the need and cause for availability of water.
God is like our father. He creates and nurses the universe. All human-beings need several matters like food, water, fire, air etc. to live upon which have already been created by Almighty God for everyone but here we have taken into consideration only God’s invaluable gift of water, whose scarcity has become a major problem for humanity at present.
See, what Almighty God preaches about water –
First Kand of Atharvaved preaches to perform daily Yajyen with ved mantras because it generates physical-mental power and state of healthiness in water, (Yahaa) the water (Up Surye) nearest to sun i.e., that water is most beneficial which remains in contact with sun and the food crops, herbs, vegetation, grass, all kinds of fruits, milk etc. which are generated with the said divine water become most fruitful and pious vegetarian food for us.
“Apsu Beshjam” i.e., there are several medicinal properties in water. “Apsu Antaha Amritam” i.e., we can maintain a good state of healthiness by using water regularly.
The water maintains our power of speech and increases our power of vision. Ved mantras add that the divine water is as beneficial to us as mother’s milk.
Regular use of divine water (achieved after performing daily Yajyen) cures infertility in both men and women.
9th Sukta of Rigved states –water generates happiness and power to live long. “Shiv Tamaha Rasaha” i.e., there is satisfactory taste in water. Water converts food into liquid form.
To drink water and to take bath with water, both destroy several diseases and generate happiness and peace. Use of water is a reason that we live long in the world. Therefore we must regularly take the pious water(achieved after performing Yajyen) which is the form of divine medicine and happiness. The water has the power to destroy all the diseases when it is used in special form like bath, drinking purposes, touch, aachman (to take water while performing Yajyen).Water washes away the filth/dirt/defects of body.
It removes laziness. Water calms down anger. God has stated in vedas about several divine qualities acquired by using water, amongst which few have been quoted above.
Almighty God surprisingly has made source of achieving water through rains and from inside the earth, which is further achieved easily by us. If God had only made the source of water as rivers, lakes, springs (but not rain) then it was impossible for every human being to have access to water for drinking and irrigation purposes. Keeping the above in view, should we not consider seriously the way to create the rain at proper time with appropriate requirement i.e., neither the rain should be so less as not to fulfill our requirement nor so much that it leads to floods. You know, the said remedy has already been preached by God in vedas for which we’ll have to revert back to vedas, like the previous Yugas.
Here the attention towards Atharvaved Kand 3 is drawn which states that the farmer should water the crops and by performing agnihotra/Yajyen the pure water should be attained as the agnihotra kills the germs.
By performing Yajyen, the clouds should be created, which further cause rain for irrigation.
Mantra states (Shunaseera) air and sun (Ih Sma) here may (Jushetham) accept my offering in burning fire of Yajyen and create rain to (Tein Imam Upsinchatam) irrigate the land.
It means the source of obtaining the pure water for irrigation and drinking etc. is only rain which is obtained through Yajyen only.
Yajurved mantra 6/10 further clarifies that the offerings (aahuti) given in burning fire of Yajyen, reach the sun, then due to the power of attraction of sun, water on earth is attracted towards sun which further causes rain. From rain, the food crops are generated which keep the living beings alive.
In Bhagwad Geeta, Yogeshwar Shri Krishna Maharaj also preaches “Oh! Arjun, you are born to perform Yajyen”.
Yajurved mantra 1/6 advises that God wants us to perform Yajyen. Benefits of Yajyen are unlimited. But in shloka 3/14 of Bhagwad Geeta, Yogeshwar Shri Krishna Maharaj states that all living beings are born from food grains, food crops are generated from rain and rain is caused by Yajyen and Yajyen is performed by doing hard deeds.
Therefore, in the absence of performing Yajyen with ved mantas optimum rain does not take place. Samved mantra 1299 preaches that if we perform daily Yajyen then there will be no shortage of water, ghee, honey and milk.
In the present scenario it is very much clear that for the last several years people are not aware of vedic culture and as a result, Yajyen is not being performed. It has therefore resulted in scarcity of rain, water, food grains, milk, ghee, honey etc.
Therefore to learn about Yajyen, to cause timely rains we should- “Revert back to vedas”.