Voters pay a price

The out come of Bengal elections, which was dominated by the assassinations, booming of the guns and the bang of the bombs, reminded me of the 1940,1946, 1970 and 1990 genocide incidents where a reign of terror was let loose over the people in Kolkata, Nawakhali, East Pakistan and Kashmir and where lakhs were killed, skinned and executed under different ethnic cleansing agendas. Aftermath of Bengal elections, such scenes were reported in may parts of Bengal.
Had the framers of the constitution ever thought about bringing, nurturing and developing democracy in India under the noise of shrieks, cover of smoke of gun powder or bang of the bombs. The Indian democracy is an ideal democracy in many ways. But our political parties convert the whole election process into a battle field by poisoning the peaceful environment by hatred, communal considerations, by provoking the innocent voters to cross swords with each other. The leaders of the political parties remain spectators and feast over the flesh of those dead in the violence. The shrewd leaders pack up their luggage and leave for their respective HQs. to report their superiors. The gullible workers who worked for the party of their choice are left in lurch at the mercy of their opponents whereby they fall prey to the political vengeance. It is pitiable that neither the winning party nor the losing one ever thinks of the security of their dedicated workers.
People are fed up with such type of democracy where on the one hand, politicians gain power, on the other, innocent voters lose his kins and the houses where he lives. It can be easily construed that Indian type of democracy is the Govt. of the politicians by the politicians and for the politicians. The voter is a scapegoat who can be sacrificed any time at the altar of the willy politicians.
Shiv Kumar Padha