Vote with wisdom

Major opposition parties of the country materialised Maha Gathbandan inorder to replace present dispensation in the country. The fight is between BJP and Mahagathbandan. We witness allegations and counter allegations tagging each other to allure voters. Taunting in the public meetings establishes the feeling that politics is a dirty game. Some sectarian politicians even incite communal passions for their personal end. Divisive politics segregate communities that subverts the secular fabric of the country. Power hungry politicians are least concerned towards the welfare of the people and it has been viewed from the past decades that their only motive is to perpetuate dynastic power.
So far as Maha Gathbandan is concerned it is Gathbandan of different parties with different idealogies. Formation of this Gathbandan is OK and the present situation demands that they focus on schemes imperative for the glory of the Nation. Here the only agenda of Maha Gathbandan seems removal of Modi. The people of this country have visualized the present Govt and its performance during these five years and have conceived an opinion for digital voting. The people of the country by and large cannot be taken for granted and I am sure they will cast their vote keeping in view the personality of the candidate who can make our country great and strong. 2019 Parliament elections are decisive so far as external and internal inmical forces are concerned. The Nation demand a leader with a vision.
S N Raina