Vote for stable future

Despite allout sincere efforts by PM Narendra Modi democracy is fast degenerating into mobocracy. Now it is time to give one more chance to Mr Modi in order to completely reign in corrupt and antinational elements who are bentupon to misuse the democracy for religious, caste based and region based politics. Only a strong benign hand (Iron hand) can control these looters and free booters who have lost all senses of patriotism and honour, human love and high religious and spiritual understanding of life.
Our country is very big. We are surrounded by some unfriendly Governments. Unless we have genuine strong Govt at the Centre, we shall not be able to negotiate with these enemies effectively. Most of our leaders have lost all sense of honesty, integrity, fair play and patriotism.
Attempts are being made, time and again, to minimize the importance of our prestigious Parliament by none other than the elected representatives of the people. No stone is left untuned to turn Parliament into a noisy fish market. Only a strong Centre with a strong prime minister can save the country from the clutches of unprincipled leaders and representatives.
Time is right and ripe for the people of this country to show their political maturity in choosing the right Govt at the centre with a right person at the helm of affairs.
A K Razdan
Lale Da-Bagh