Moral Education

For establishment of moral values (Dharma) in this world, even God takes birth from time to time. Until such values are kept prevailing, not only human beings, even other living beings can’t pass a peaceful life. The origin of such values dates back to dawn of civilisation.
When civilised life began, a need to propagate and follow such values was strongly felt, as is the absence of them, peaceful and harmonious co-existence was not practicable. Love and kindness constitute such values. In the materialistic world of today, corruption and many other crimes come to surface, are consequent to land slide erosion in moral and ethical values. Humanity rests on morality, otherwise law of jungle prevails. Unlimited lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity (Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankar) can only be checked by means of these values.
Therefore , a need to cultivate and inculcate moral values, is of paramount significance. No moral, social economical upliftment can be achieved until our youngesters are morally enriched and socially awakened. Since the laws and moral values when exercised make difference between a man and a animal complete implementation and adherence to these norms and principles can only bring salvation to mankind from all sort of evils. Emphasise, therefore, is needed on our texts books and curriculum for inclusion of such values.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)