Vaccinating elderly and differently abled


Having regard for the hardships encountered by the elderly and especially those differently abled persons in going to the vaccination centres to get vaccinated against Coronavirus, the Central Government issuing guidelines for vaccinating them near homes is a matter of great relief to these sections of the society. In fact, so far these people not only visiting these centres was causing discomfiture to them but standing in queues and waiting for turn with all fears of exposures to getting infected needed some type of better arrangement. Hence the new guidelines shall prove to be of great relief to them. The Union Health Ministry decided on these lines based on recommendations by the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for COVID-19. Since the fresh guidelines shall be applicable to not only the individuals above 60 but even below 60 having disability due to physical or medical conditions, hence having limited mobility, the vaccination facilities nearer their homes are in tune with requirements of a community based flexible and people centric approach. However, proper and meticulous implementation of the guidelines must be ensured.