Vaastu Corrections

Suresh S Duggar

Can Vaastu be corrected without any demolitions in already made homes, shops or other buildings is a common worry among all those seeking the consultancy.
No doubt, Vaastu can be corrected without shifting a single brick with the help of some yantras and crystals but they do not work most of the time. The reason is the imbalance in space, which still remains even after the installation of these type of yantras and crystals.
In fact pyramids, if wrongly placed can increase the imbalance otherwise they give positive energy and enhance the energy of particular zone to 108 times. So, in Remedial Vaastu techniques, we suggest rectification using the following methods:
Suggestions to change the colors of the walls are made to achieve elemental balance in the space.
Re-location of activities
We make suggestions to change activities as per the available options, for example, we may suggest that the rooms of son and parents may be swapped, or the guest room be converted to master room or refrigerator may be shifted to a particular place in the house.
Elemental correction
We may suggest that a particular colored stone slab be placed below the gas burner.
Space cutting
We may suggest placing a colored or metal strip around the toilet seat if it is creating a Vaastu defect.
Closing an activity
In rare situations we suggest to stop using a toilet if it is at the dangerous place.
When a Vaastu Consultation for Office, factory, workplace or shop can be make.
What is an auspicious time for Vaastu remedy at such places?
An office is where the business operates from. Even factory owners have offices other than the one in their factory i.e. corporate office, registered office, Sales office, etc. office or shop may be owned or on rent. In both these cases the same rules apply.
The Vaastu remedies can be applied before moving in at the construction designing stages. Vaastu Consultant will be able to guide on placement of different activities and departments. For example, he will be able to help you decide where the owner should sit, where the account department should be, where the design should take place, from where the marketing activities should be performed, etc. He will also guide on the color schemes to be used in the office, factory or workplace.
When business
is difficult
The next best time is when business is not doing well.
It can be due to the Vaastu defects and hence a Vaastu Correction needs to be performed. Many a time, the office premises is on rent and you have taken up the floor with all its workstations and cabins which are designed as per the previous tenant or the owner of the real estate. In this case a Vaastu consultant will advise you on the corrective measures which need to be taken to make the space conducive to your success.
When you want to expand
When you are ready to expand to new territories or diversify into multiple businesses, a Vaastu consultation by a competent expert helps you in re-designing and changing the placement of the office, factory and workplace as per the fields and scale of expansion.
If you are taking up more space on rent and integrating with the existing office, the Vaastu expert will guide you to which side of your current office should you be looking for expanding the space and also guide on placement of different activities as per the new floor plan of the expanded office.
(The Author is a Vastu Acharya )