Using Academic Writing Services: Pros and Cons

Most college and university students need to write papers on various topics depending on their specializations, and these papers can be helpful training for writing their theses, dissertations, or research articles if they choose to follow their academic path. However, a newbie student can lack the skills to complete this task with ease. There are numerous free guides, videos, and instructions to help students improve their writing. However, a sample paper from an academic writing service can be a good tool to use during writing, as you can follow a general scheme and adapt it to your need and instruction set for a specific task.

Benefits of Using Academic Writing Services

Academic writing services offer numerous options for customers who struggle with understanding complicated topics, solving problems, or writing essays. Although many students can doubt if using these services is ethical and beneficial for their future grades and knowledge, here is a list of pluses that you can obtain from expert help.

  • Additional explanations of writing mechanics. Writing an essay can be a tricky assignment for a student who has just started their college or university studies, especially if they need additional training in English. The formal language of essays significantly differs from the common language, and it has numerous rules and conventions that the writer needs to follow. Although most of these rules aim to make writing sound more professional and formal, remembering all of them may not be easy. However, an academic writing expert can provide you with a sample that includes comments on style, choice of words, grammar, sentence structure, and other things that create a positive impression from the text.
  • Detailed schemes for structuring your essays. Structuring an essay can be another problem, even for students who know the topic well. The abundance of information about the question you need to explore can lead to a mixture of facts, hypotheses, and statements that become hard to follow. However, a decent essay needs to have a clear organization that contains an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each body paragraph has to follow this pattern as well, and it should start with a topic sentence supported by facts or citations from the literature that you use to state your viewpoint. Of course, practice facilitates following these rules, but a scheme of a sample essay can help you check if you structured your essay correctly.
  • Templates for different types of writing. Professors can request reflections, literature reviews, research proposals, and common essays. While general guidelines on essay writing are usually available online, other types of academic papers require a specific approach. For instance, you may need to conduct literature research, summarize the article’s main findings and analyze the experiment design, or motivate your choice of a research question with statistical or scientific data. In this case, an expert writer can offer you a sample of such a paper for analysis. Consequently, you can get an example of a structure and organization for this type of paper to follow in your writing.

Risks of Using Academic Writing Services

Nevertheless, many students are unsure if academic writing services are ethical and if they receive a quality service after placing their order there. When a student encounters an academic writing service website, the first question is, “can I ask a person to write my essay for me?” The most apparent answer is negative, as submitting an essay written by someone else is plagiarism, violating academic integrity. However, it is entirely ethical if you use an essay as a sample. In this case, a student does not copy information provided by another person but uses their work as an inspiration and an example for creating their original paper.

Besides, it is necessary to ensure that an academic writing service offers its customers top services for the price they set. It can be helpful to check independent review websites that collect customers’ opinions about prices, quality, and other aspects of using an academic writing service. Most companies that specialize in academic assistance have terms of service posted on their website, and you can check them to clear all conditions they set for using the help of their writers.

If you want to make your experience of using academic assistance positive, you can contact an academic writing help service e.g. CustomWritings from which you can buy quality custom-written essays online. Expert writers from the company will be happy to help you understand the writing process mechanics, and you can order an additional service that includes detailed comments on all small details, including style, formatting, and referencing. The service offers other custom papers, including literature reviews, research papers, proposals, and reflections. They offer their services for students of different courses, depending on the requested expertise, and have special offers for international students who can have a hard time adapting to the USA college education.

How to Use Academic Writing Services Efficiently

Suggest that you have decided that you need assistance and advice on writing your paper and have chosen the best academic writing service available. However, you need to organize the process to make it efficient and have enough time to check the sample paper and write your own before submitting it. Here are several pieces of advice that can help, especially if you have never used the academic writing assistance service before.

  1. Provide as much information about the paper as you can. If you have instructions on writing a specific paper, upload them while placing the order. If the writer has enough information, they can fit the sample paper to the specific course requirements and make it easier to follow. Besides, it can save you time, as the writer will be able to start creating a paper from scratch right away and not contact the customer for additional clarification.
  2. Don’t hesitate to contact customer service if you have any questions. If you have forgotten something or a professor informed you about additional requirements, pass them to the customer service, as they could bring this information to the writer. As the paper quality depends on the completeness of instructions, try to inform the writer about their changes quickly to avoid misunderstandings.
  3. Place your order in advance. Most academic writing services set prices for their papers depending on their complexity, length, and a deadline that the writer needs to follow. Although you cannot affect the length or complexity of the paper requested by the professor, you can start looking for help in writing it in advance if you need such assistance. If you have a long paper or need more time to check it, try to place the order in advance to save time and money.
  4. Check the paper precisely. As soon as the customer service informs you that you can download the paper, check if it fits the requirements you provided while placing the order. It is a completely standard procedure, and if you have doubts that the writer understood them correctly, you can contact the support department and ask for a revision, if possible, to improve the quality of the sample you are going to use for your future writing.