US-EU Trade agreement must include agriculture – Trump

WASHINGTON, Apr 16: US President Donald Trump said during a tax roundtable in Minnesota that any trade agreement between the United States and the European Union must include the agriculture sector or Washington will impose additional punitive tariffs on EU products.
“If you look at the European Union with the barriers that they have to agricultural products, cars and so many other things. … They barely take our agricultural products. Yet they can sell Mercedes-Benz, and they can sell anything want in our country, including their farm products.
It’s not fair, and those days are changing rapidly,” Trump said on Monday. “If it doesn’t change, we are going to tariff all of your cars and everything else that comes in. You can’t treat our farmers that way, you can’t treat our people that way.”
Trump said the United States on average suffered a trade deficit of $160 billion per year with the European Union.
Earlier on Monday, the European Union approved its terms for trade talks, limiting negotiations to non-agricultural goods.
The European Union is seeking a deal that would eliminate tariffs imposed by President Donald Trump on steel and aluminum produced in Europe. After the European Union retaliated with tariffs on a set of US imports, both sides agreed to seek a new trade pact in an attempt to de-escalate tensions.
The Trump administration and many members of Congress have insisted that agriculture be included in the trade talks.