Unilateral attempts to alter LAC cannot be allowed

China cannot resort to any type of arm twisting or exerting a hegemonic pressure on India with intent to making any attempts to altering the actual Line of Control (LAC) which move , if any by that country, was bound to be countered and fully resisted by this country. In this action, from this side if it comes from a slight push to a shove from the Chinese side , there would be no amount of any type of procrastination. These were the contents and the conveying of the message from Union External Affairs Minister to China looking to the long standoff on the eastern Ladakh border. It is no fun in going into the ”how and why” of the causes of China establishing a supremacy in 1962 aggression thrust on this country amidst chanting of ”Hindi Chinie Bhai Bhai” until a few days ago before suddenly attacking India and “occupying strategic areas in 1962″. This fact of giving some geographical advantage of usurping India’s large areas in 1962 , if not any upper hand to China, in vainly trying to change the status of the LAC, as recently referred to by the Union Minister is tantamount to confirmation of India taking a strong position on China-India border row which is entirely of the making of China. Its expansionist agenda has thus got a break and a severe ”setback” as is evident from no budging, even an inch, by India on the Ladakh border .
The famous couplet ”Lamhoon nay khata key aur sadyoon nay saza payee” or moments’ miscalculations or blunders are bound to be endured for many years as what unfortunately happened in 1962 , cannot be ordinarily reversed now but good sense not prevailing in China by not returning to original positions on the remaining friction points in Ladakh border and continuously showing its stubbornness with intent to vainly wishing to making certain alterations on the LAC cannot be allowed in any case. It is unfortunate that in such a sensitive matter concerning sanctity and security of sensitively strategic borders with China and thus country’s territorial integrity , some opposition party’s leaders should spread misinformation that “there was increasing Chinese infiltration ” into Indian territory. It was in this context that the Union Minister made India’s position fairly known and clear. It is not that the two years of wait, watch and exerting patience have yielded nothing as may be the fears expressed by certain quarters with a narrow perspective and an agenda of looking at things with pessimism in that India has not allowed in the least, to have the LAC undergone any unilateral change whatsoever and that is not only the positive side of the issue but a well known and duly conveyed firm stand of India on the border issue.
India known to be a peaceful and a tolerant nation, therefore, on the other hand, continues to put all its efforts into resolving the border dispute with China through negotiations and discussions but based on factual realities and mutual understanding in which direction, both at military level as well as at diplomatic level, parleys have been going on, though desired success has not been achieved so far. However, both sides continue to be optimistic. In this connection, another round of high level military talks is slated to be held on July 17 between the two countries to resolve the pending issue of those friction points which continue to remain not reverted to pre-standoff status, as on date. How much complicated and prolonged the issue has been made by the unjustified stand by China needs to be seen that the scheduled round of talks , now , shall be 16th in the row , however, indicating that preference is still given, agreeably by both the countries, through medium of talks across the table and that is the silver lining around the dark clouds still hovering over the border tangle